Watch this powerful #MarchForOurLives video spot. See you Sat. March 24


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I am so proud that these are the citizens that are going to take over this country, and the world.


Social media is a Janus faced beast.

On the one hand, it enables Trump to connect with the shitbags of the nation who liked what he had to say and voted for him. It enables Putin to turn democracies in nations far from him into a hacky sack bag at nearly no cost.

On the other hand, it enables things like this. For those who go around smugly feeling superior for having deleted their facebook or never signed up for twitter: without those tools, this weekend’s march would not be happening.

Facebook and twitter need to be reigned in, possibly replaced. But we need something like them, because in addition to enabling great evil, they have also enabled great good.


I’m sorry, the 2nd Amendment clearly states, “An un-regulated populace, being necessary to the insecurity of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear weapons capable of murdering tens or even hundreds of people in a matter of a few minutes whenever they randomly or maliciously choose, shall not be infringed.””


The plot thickens:

Perhaps if the US Government can’t act, businesses can?


Nope. It has happened before.

In the 1960’s 1970’s… we had hippies, environmentalists, feminists, (etc)
then it ended up the same as before.

Radical student leaders ended up becoming stockbrokers,.
Environmentalists ended up working for General Motors. (etc)

Same thing back in the 20’s.
‘Radical youngsters’ ended up being the parents of the baby boom.


STFU, that was then, this is now, get with it, or get off it.



Heh…wait and see.

Young people always think they are going to make a huge difference.
But they turn into adults… and elected Trump.


Guess there’s no room for discussion on this site.
Maybe you can remember this ‘conversation’ in 60 years.
Carry on.


Get your invisible hands off my freedums!


Yeah I can’t think of a single thing those people accomplished except for ending the Vietnam war, enacting a variety of legislation protecting and expanding the rights of women and minorities, creating the EPA, decriminalizing homosexuality (etc.)…

Actually I’m on board with @Papasan’s STFU on this one.


You clearly don’t know @Papasan.


Been carrying on, and will do so rolling forward. Try a dash of sugar, and I’ll try some too.


Get off my @Papasan!!!


Roger That!


I love the strength and dreams of young people. If nothing else they inspire people to reflect and realize that we all need get off our asses and take action. Getting old is no excuse for badmouthing kids who want change, stand with them or hell, follow them if they got a better idea.


The problems is that I can’t imagine the people who already won’t write and vote in gun control legislation, will care at all that these kids (and many others!) will be marching.


I admire these kids for engaging in something passionately. Good on them. That’s how civil society works.

I’m also pretty hard core on the Second Amendment. To those marching, please consider this: NRA is powerful because of the people it represents, engaged, active 2A folks, not because of campaign donations. And there are people out there like me who own an AR-15 who keep it for home defense.

People like me who have carried a concealed handgun for 15 years, scrupulously following the law, and never harming a fly (lots and lots of paper targets, but never a living being).

Passion can lead to painting with a broad brush, but it seldom makes for good policy.


Speaking as one who was actually there, things are in no way the same as then. And speaking as the parent of millennials, I am very hopeful about their generation.


That’s adorable.