Semiautomatic handgun advocate shot and killed her two daughters

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Wow, these Islamic Extremists are getting harder and harder to spot.


Oh, it gets even more ironic this morning:


It’s too easy to criticize pro-gun advocates and use this as an example. However even if this lady had a single revolver this incident may have still occurred, so gun legislation would not have prevented this shooting from happening. Maybe.

It’s just a reminder that it’s not so cut and dry as some will make it out to be. However i’m all for better gun control, and this nonsense in the US just has to stop.


White = Lone Wolf


I was just going to demand that BB use the mugshot instead of the standard social media profile shot that whiteys get. Then I remembered that the child murdering scum probably doesn’t even have a face anymore, so fair enough really.


It would be a long and difficult legal and cultural conflict, but I would be perfectly fine with taking away all guns from ordinary citizens like this. The right gun legislation could have prevented this, along with a cultural shift, albeit one that would have to have happened at least twenty years ago. Doing that in the future might be a pipe dream considering how deep-pocketed the gun lobby is and how fierce the gun nuts’ passion is for deadly penis-proxies but it’s worth supporting and reaching for, even if it takes 50 years. Any amount of life saved will be worth it.

This woman illustrated exactly what the problem is with the faith put in “responsible gun owners.” Anyone can have a bad day or a bad month or a bad life and make bad decisions that no one else saw coming, but having any number of guns greater than zero around can make those bad decisions have even worse outcomes for an even greater number of people. Guns don’t prevent mental illness, temporary insanity, or depression.


What is, “their brick home” code for?


Yeah, if only she’d been required to show a reason as to why she might need a handgun in the first place or something. Such a crazy request.

In the soccer mom version I posted, it’s an example of the good woman with the gun still not being able to protect herself. My brother lost a friend when he was shot by his son during an argument. Having a lot of guns around seems to make stupid arguments into deadly events. The correlation is pretty strong.


In an isolated incident, natch.


This, in a nutshell, is the statistical reality of gun dynamics - buy guns for “defending your family,” have them used against the family, by someone in the household, instead.

I face-palmed over the “I’m surprised she didn’t defend herself.” quote. Yeah, having a gun makes you bulletproof. (Or perhaps they were suggesting that she should have pre-emptively shot her husband. In which case, how do they know he didn’t pre-emptively shoot her?)


Descriptive adjectives? Like “80 miles west of Philadelphia” is code for “location.”


I just wondered if in Americanese it meant something specific; like “urban poor”. It just seemed an odd detail to add.

This is too tragic to talk about… unless it is to call for more guns



No, more of a “set the scene” sort of thing. Like if they were to do a shot of the house and start on the window boxes with pansies and then pull out. “Look, a home where they grew things and cared about window boxes!”


She did use a handgun, but what does the type of gun have to do with anything? It’s anecdotal evidence of what statistics have shown all along - people with guns are much more likely to kill people, and it’s not the brown skinned intruder they think it will be.

If we made gun laws that made sense we would start with banning every single handgun in the US, but people are trying to get any gun law passed and are trying to reach the softest target in order to make any sort of progress.


She actually sued the county sheriff who revoked her permit for open carrying at her 5-year-old’s soccer game (after substantial complaints by other parents), and claimed that:

because of his actions her baby-sitting service had suffered, her children had been harassed and she had been ostracized by her neighbors in Lebanon

Those results couldn’t be due to her neighbors finding out she had such poor judgment with regard to children and guns, could they? Nah, of course not.


If anything, just the opposite: a brick home usually means a middle class suburban homeowner.


I’m willing to bet that while she was shooting she considered herself a “good guy with a gun.”