Gun-toting mom shot in the back by her 4-year-old may go to jail for 180 days


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This is Florida. That boy ain’t too young to hang for what he did to his maw.


“Police have cleared the child of malice…” – well jeez, i would HOPE so. he’s only FOUR, for pete’s sake.


Hopefully, stories of how he accidentally shot his own mother will push the kid away from firearms in the future.


Belief in absolute, magical “free will” prevalent in the region presses people there to think and do disturbing things.


Jail? But that’ll just slow down the obvious adoption process that mama needs. As Wayne LaPierre said “the only way to stop a bad 4-year-old with a gun is a good 4-year-old with a gun.”


This is terrible and entirely preventable.


She should have called the Wolf:


Clearly you have no children. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, she shouldn’t have owned a gun or the hubris that went with her 2nd Amendment enthusiasm.


Clear cut case of Stand Your Ground. Child had only recently been forcibly restrained, upon managing to free themselves, found the weapon of their assailant and enabled freedom. The child’s tactic disabled the assailant, drew the attention of Law Enforcement, and resulted in a conviction and sentencing.


Srsly tho, so very happy the child shot Mom and not themselves.


A firearm of any kind makes a human of any age /instantly/ lethal. She’s lucky she didn’t get shot in the head, She’s also lucky her child didn’t accidentally kill himself. She’s also lucky that her child didn’t kill another motorist or shoot the first responder who approached her vehicle. Lucky, lucky… lucky. Anyway, now she’s going to spend 180-days in jail complaining about how unlucky she is.


Incredibly that’s actually the sales pitch for the damn things.


hmm, yes, you’re right! haha


Evidently, the 4 year old needs more time at the shooting range. He missed the center mass.


The mealy-mouth last paragraph of the press release really chaps me. Instead of saying:

The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office supports the rights of citizens to
own and possess firearms. I do want to remind everyone that in the
presence of a child, gun owners bear the additional responsibility of
ensuring children do not gain unintended access of a firearm, in hopes
of preventing tragedies like this in the future.

How about something like:

Do you know what a safety is? Do you know how to keep your gun secured and locked up around kids? No? Then you’re a danger to yourself, your loved ones and everyone around you, and you shouldn’t be owning or operating a firearm.


To be fair, he was also 4, and the exact quote is “This time let me be the cowboy, or I’ll tell mom


It’s too easy to gloat about something like this. Let’s skip the jail sentence and realize that she probably learned her lesson already. You know, when her kid shot her in the back.


Damn the liberal media. Read the REAL analysis (in Joe Friday voice) to the accompaniment of this music


I like that they cleared the four year old of “malice.” :wink: