Guns Don't Kill People, Toddlers Do

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OK - what law would stop people from irresponsibly keeping firearms accessible to toddlers? Please be specific.

Would you be able to enforce that law, or is it the sort of thing that is used to charge after the fact?


I puked in my mouth, thanks BB…


A psychologically damaged society kills people.


You shouldn’t leave box cutters, chainsaws or rat poison where your toddlers can get them either. Boxcutter crime has killed 2996 people in the last 15.1 years. Sharp object control now!


I suppose those statistics include The Albequerque Kid, a boy so ornery, and fussy ‘bout his eatin’, he once shot his own parents for ordering a pizza, ranch-style…

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Gun law reform now.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

I hear “stuff happens.”

Came from a guy with stuff for brains and stuff for ethics so I know it’s true.


But don’t you see? If those people who had been killed had had guns on them, they could have shot the toddlers first, thus neutralising the terrible threat.

This is what some people argue. Those people are fucking morons.


Since you can’t prevent all incidents don’t prevent any?

There are things that can be done to seriously reduce the incidence of firearms violence and mishaps. This, for instance:


I didn’t say that. I asked what laws one thinks are prudent, specifically, to prevent children from using improperly stored firearms.

I guess mass restriction, banning, and creation of a massive licensing and tracking entity may help curb the 43 toddlers out of 300+ million Americans for hurting themselves and others. Whether that is prudent or not, I dunno.

The other issue of violent crime is a different issue. Australia never had the violent crime rate the US had because its social-economic make up is different as well as the various cultures we have in our great melting pot.


The photos of the girl holding the AR pointed at someone and the other with the handgun not pointing it downwards are chilling to me. I learned how to shoot rifles in the Boy Scouts and learned a healthy respect for the position of a muzzle. The other photos seem to be of kids in various levels of firearms education, and that’s fine. The headline photo’s actually an airsoft gun, which is probably better for initial education.

I love my rifles (I 3d printed them) but I’m in favor of requiring that if you own firearms that you have gone through some prescribed and agreed-upon education, and that if you own firearms that you unsafely or irresponsibly stowed or have left insecure that you receive punishment for it.


No guns kept in a home where a child lives. At all. There’s one for a start.


Children are not known for their lockpicking skills. No unlocked guns in a home with children, yes that is simple common sense. Guns are one of many things that you have to keep away from kids. You don’t have to remove every sharp or poisonous object from the house when you have kids either.


And to you - that is a prudent measure? Really? How about stairs? 100,000 children a year are treated in ERs due to falls from stairs. Twice as many children (~100) drown in Bathtubs per year in the US.


nonspecific call for gun law reform, in response to kids finding guns

series of photos of the kids least likely to be a problem in this manner

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Unless were’re prepared to interpret having children as waiving any and all Constitutional rights, I don’t think that’s going to fly.

Not to take anything away from the overall point being made, but there’s no way that little girl could lift the white & pink rifle like that if it were real.

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Ok then, amend the constitution.


Yep. I’d much rather see that than more innocent people getting killed