The American school of firearms instruction


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I always wondered what became of Chet from “Weird Science”* once things returned to normal.

[* RIP Bill Paxton]


That dude is lucky to still have an intact face.


Yeah, complacency leads to safety failures. Double action revolvers cocked to single action tend to be extremely light and crisp. I warn anyone trying my .44 mag that as soon as they press the trigger it will shoot. Makes it near impossible to jerk.

He still gets a passing grade because if you observe the first rule at all times, you still end up with no one hurt. Still, be careful out there. <-- ETA - this is to illustrate the importance of the primary rule, not to excuse his behavior or down play the poor form. As someone else said, yeah, D-.

Also this illustrates the dangers of recoil for those unprepared for it. He nearly whacked his nose.


I still prefer the guy who shot himself in the leg literally one second after telling a classroom full of children how he was the only person in the room professional enough to handle a glock. (Bonus points for trying to play it off as NBD.)


As is anyone else in his class.

One of the reasons I’m for more regulation (especially mandatory firearms ownership insurance) is that I’ve seen too many idiots at the range and too many collectors handling their weapons like this over the years and pretend they “meant to do it.” It’s far from a “few bad apples” situation.



But gee, I’m always being told that, despite all those pesky accidents, guns are perfectly safe, so long as they’re owned and operated by safe True Scotsmen with gun training…


I’m going with a D-minus …


That’s still a passing grade. D for Done :wink:


I don’t think I’d pass him. Even leaving out the negligent discharge, when he swung around with his back to the range I felt immediately queasy. Even the guy standing next to him leaned waaaaaaay back when he did that.


woulda been sweet if he’d knocked a tooth out, spat it on the floor, growled “…hmerkkkah”


Must be one of those advertised $15 concealed carry classes that I see stapled to utility poles.


I hope he wears this


Seriously dude, pay some fucking attention to what you’re doing when you’re holding a loaded gun.