A thread to catalog all the other threads


Since we have the animated gif thread and now the still image thread, I think it’s time we started the catalog of threads thread. Place all other threads inside this thread so that we can see all the threads together. Nevermind the fact that BB’s backend already has all of the threads, images and whatnot already stored and that when we make threads of them to catalog them we duplicate all the items on the site, thus ballooning the storage… nevermind that. THIS IS THE THREAD OF THREADS. Anytime you make a new thread, you need to post it here or be castigated. We have to maintain a catalog of the catalog. If we fail to do so, we will lose track of everything. SO, put it here -->.

Kapeesh? (little-known Sanskrit word for, freakin get it?)

We are legion and we will not stop
Krampus trashes the horror potential of traditional mythology in a film that's neither funny nor scary
What is the deal with this useless vending machine notice?
Guns Don't Kill People, Toddlers Do
Carry your drink in this banana flask
I found a locked safe hidden at the back of a closet in my new house
NSA says it will take four years to answer questions about its kids' coloring book
Cop bravely attempts to stop mother from breastfeeding her baby
Dick Cheney complained that Donald Rumsfeld drank too much coffee



That’s next. Hold tight. We need to get this part right, first, and THEN we can do the next level.



I’ll grab regular screenshots for here.


Strong work. I approve. As you move through the material, I will shadow you and take screenshots of your screenshots, for when it’s time to do the next level.


I hope you posted this in the .gifs thread, man. Don’t slack. We don’t want any slackers around here.




First we need a “gif bank preparation stage” thread* where we discuss fitting tags for a new animated gif.

*) don’t forget to list the thread here


What if I feel the need for castigation without making a new thread?


you can ask in the threat thread if someone is willing to fulfill your request


Excellent. My plans are starting to come together. We need a new “threads staging” thread, too, in which new threads are discussed and prepped for creation. The staging thread of course will be posted here. But the putative gifs and jpegs will be previewed in your gif bank and jpeg/png staging threads before eventual inclusion in the real thread that is eventually created, and in their respective image banks, either pre- or post-posting.

This place is starting to feel a lot more organized all of a sudden. Thank you, men and women of the BBS. You are fantastically creative individuals.


And if you don’t like it, or how people deal with it, you can scream in the shouting thread. Please remember to post all images used in the image banks, and if you get a creative urge to create a new thread, please remember to post it in this thread catalog as well as posting it.


We need other instances of this type of thread. Then…

'A thread to catalogue all the ‘a thread to catalogue all the other threads’ thread.

Which will of course also have to contain a copy of itself.

Then we’ll need a thread that contains all of those threads but not itself, the logical contents of which can be derived in such a way as to prove that it does contain references to itself.

Aaand I’m pretty sure we’ll be on our way to creating a self aware thread.


The threat thread?


If it doesn’t exists already it should be created :smile:


And cross-posted here!


after the polling thread proved that it’s ready for prime time


And the images were staged in the prepping threads for the image banks.