Indiana women phone the governor's office to tell him about their periods


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I cannot applaud enough for these women. If this asshat wants to know about women’s health, then you go girls!! Tell him how it is!


Tell him about the period shits. Even men who are blase about menstruation don’t want to hear about those.


Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Yes Mam!


I really hope they’re “jamming the switchboard.” That would be hilarious. But the way headlines work around here, that could be 4-5 phone calls.


You’re just making stuff up. Women are dainty, magical beings.


Yes, like unicorns. Even when when woman fart it smells like flowers.
Oh, no, we do not fart, isn’t? :wink:

I love this, why are woman in the western world not that reactionary? To luxury live I think. But there is still change to make at this front.


They should go further. Let the good governor know about their yeast infections, level of squishing needed in recent mammograms, pelvic exams, hormonal therapy, etc. I mean, he needs to hear this from his consti . . . I mean the people who are apparently not his constituents.

Edit: Fuck him and everyone like him.


Christ, what an asshole.


I can’t imagine this bill will stand up to constitutional scrutiny… But this is a brilliant campaign!


I wonder if any of the women are considering sending him monthly care packages to back up the phone calls.




I love you!


They could start trying to get meetings with him to tell him in more detail. What’s that? The governor won’t meet with constituents? That might take the story in a more uncomfortable direction for him. When’s his re-election?


There’s actually a PSI indicator on the machine. In certain positions you can read it. So you do in fact know exactly how much squishing your poor bobblies are being subjected to.


The ballpark figure is said to be 0.44 to 4.4 psi, with about 3 psi on average (20 kPa, or 0.2 atm), varying individually and depending on how much force it takes to flatten the tissue to the desired thickness for the xrays to penetrate well and show enough of the structures.

In comparison, a clinician doing a clinical breast exam is estimated to apply about 6 psi, more force is exerted when lying on one’s chest, and even more is suspected to occur during certain “social interactions”.

Source: Daniel B. Kopans - Breast Imaging, 3rd ed (Lippincott 2006, 0781747686)


This book is copyright 2007; in a public library, especially for medical information, we would strongly be considering weeding this book because of the probability of outdated info. IMHO, there are a number of factors with a mammogram that don’t occur in ‘social interactions’, either. I doubt the governor has ever experienced any of the female ‘routine’ issues he so blithely wants to ignore. Actually, I’d pay good money to be a fly on the wall if during a routine medical exam the dr. found a ‘suspicious lump’ on his chest!



Cool! Do you mean, like an Instron materials testing machine? Does it read out the strain too? All my calculations of breast tissue elasticity have been, uh, less exact.


I apologize for my comments. I have done tissue elasticity experiments in my time, and the comment peaked my interest, as well as my childish sense of humor.