Working model of female reproductive system has first period


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Is it a bright red?

Sorry!!! I just COULD NOT resist.


Nice try ladies. You almost had me, dressing up a discussion of the functions of the female reproductive system as a new Hot Tech Bite. I even read a full half of the first paragraph before I managed to ward off your black magic with the recitation of the LALALALAICAN’THEARYOU spell…


Worst RealDoll ever.


This is awesome: imagine having a neurological problem, and growing one of these with a sample of nerve tissue. With a small amount of radiation, it could be aged to demonstrate what your system will look like over time and how you will respond to different treatments.


The OliveGarden lasagna ad embedded in this post adds well, something.


Better start keeping an eye on those young male reproductive systems then. Got my logic gun right here…


I can see MRAs and anti-feminists being quite upset about this. Even money on whether the GOP will introduce a bill persecuting this technology in the current legislative cycle.


I’m thinking you should have.




If it can’t have babies, it needs to be banned. And if it can have babies, it needs to be controlled by a male researcher, not a female one. Actually, it needs to be controlled by a male researcher regardless. Actually, it just needs to be banned. It’s UNNATURAL! KILL IT!!!11!!11




I’m assuming they’re just doing this to see if they can grow a G-spot, to finally convince themselves of its existence, since the scientists have never wanted to just take women’s word for it.


not so sure. at the moment the female body fulfills the important role of breeding a successor, when a machine can perform this job women are not anymore needed in a male-only world and don’t deserve rights anymore. like the right so say “no” or the right to exist.



Yes! An important step towards passing any Turing test.

I, for one, welcome our cranky-about-once-per-month robotic overlords.


It’s more or less the opposite - women can already reproduce without men.


Nothing good will come of this comment thread.


unfortunate for patriarchs, isn’t it?