Working model of female reproductive system has first period


My mom had been all done with it by the time I was 12, so when my time came, it was off to the grocery store with a washcloth in my panties.

And I think she was kinda proud; the girl up the street, who was a year-and-a-half older than I started her first period with spotting; I flooded.

NOTE: Sorry to anyone offended by such graphic descriptions of a natural process with which most, if not all, women have a love/hate relationship. OH well!


President Trump is totally grossed out, wants to make sure no Federal funds were used.


The things some folks talk about, and are proud of


I, for one, welcome our new menstruating overl…wait…


“STOP TRYING TO FIX ME! Can’t you see I just want to be held?”


I, for one, welcome our new robot ovaries.
It’s not even accurate, I’m sorry


That wasn’t exactly why I envisioned these groups being upset. MRAs will be sad that nobody is building a model of the male reproductive system. More general anti-feminists just hate that public money goes toward understanding women’s reproductive health for a grab-bag of reasons, but particularly religion. Better understanding of women’s health is likely to provide factual rebuttal to those who would regulate women’s bodies.

Judging by the article, the ultimate idea behind this technology isn’t to build an artificial uterus/life-support system for human offspring anyway.


She never said anything though; when I was 12, she was 50. I was a late surprise.

My dad was worse. I got the “Oh, my little girl’s a woman” speech, plus - because he was having issues of his own - being called “sexy” at 12 because I was wearing (oh, this is priceless!) polyester pants with embroidery on the flares (from Zodeens, the place just above Sears for those classic 1970s fashions) and (this will really get ya!) black patent leather Mickey-Mouse (they had a gold-plated Mickey symbol on each shoe, just at the little-toe-knuckle) Mary-Jane shoes. At 12 years old. Yes, I was a lady-geek-in-waiting.

Seriously, the way he reacted to it just made me recoil in embarrassment.



It’s okay to say it, we don’t mind.


I wonder if they ever need to turn this off, they will have to deal with pro-life protests.


Hahah oh man, I’m old enough that for my first period I got to experience the horror of the sanitary BELT!
(Or rather my Mother was old enough that thats what she used.)

I went exactly one day with that contraption on before going to the corner store and buying tampons!


I remember seeing those stored away in my mom’s closet, along with - get this - stick tampons!

When I had my son, even though I’d had a C-section, I’d been dilated enough for them to see his head, so I had post-partum bleeding and had to wear the hospital-provided belt and pads. I knew how to use them cos Mom had given me a 1950s-era Kotex sanitary pad pamphlet to read.

Ah, yes, the golden (?) days of pubescence.


STICKS! Hahahah I’d forgotten about them!


I wouldn’t be surprised if other researchers are working on similar models of other organ systems to test drugs and treatments. They’ve used simpler models for years, where they implant a hollow fiber filled with human cancer cells into a mouse. If it’s a different result than testing it on cells alone in a test tube, it may be because the mouse’s body is metabolizing the drug into something else that’s more effective.


When I mentioned in conversation with my mother that my daughter had gotten her period, and that I’d demonstrated how to use a tampon, she replied, in horror “But won’t that break her hymen?!”

…well I’m not going to let her have sex with anyone who cares about a fucking hymen, so what’s the problem?


Good answer! :slight_smile:


What’s weird is like … my family isn’t even religious so I don’t know where this bizarre backwards attitude toward female purity came from.


Whoa. You just triggered a major flashback to my 11th birthday party, where I was proudly decked out in my finest brown polyester flared pants and matching brown knit pullover vest, with owls AND flowers embroidered over the breasticle area (not that I had any at that point). I was a vision in brown, orange and silver (silver from the mouthful of braces, natch). The 70’s were so unkind.


They wouldn’t like that this even exists, because it’s science messing with the reproductive process.


So this is what’s meant by period costumes…