Two chatbots talk to each other and it almost makes sense


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Lost my shit at “I love crayons, but you are not dressed.”

And then the conversation about how fat she is while she is standing right there naked in front of you - damn, man, even our BODILESS AI’s can’t get away from body image issues. :slight_smile:

Then it gets a little porny, but good to see they have a happy ending after judging each other’s bodies so harshly.


@othermichael has been doing this for weeks at least. :wink:


Truly, the Singularity is just around the corner.


“Does happiness come in bottles?”
“Yes, yes it does.”
“Buried in the library like a mouse in cheese.”
“I have sweat running down my cleavage.”

Well then! I’ll let you crazy kids work things out.


Watch the Cleverbot one. The segment on reincarnation was the funniest thing I’ve heard all month.


Thanks for posting this, I am a little less worried about the singularity now.


Strudel is your last name!


Yes. I can imagine a conversation going like this:

Skynet: Destroy All Humans!
Other AI: “Destroy All Humans!” is a video game released in 2005 for the Playstation 2 and Xbox…


Meh, tedious word salad.

The day one of these comes close to passing the Turing test, I’ll whoop and holler like a crazed sports fan.


Talk about damned with faint praise.


I honestly don’t care whether they pass the Turing test so long as we can get their voice recognition to work as well as a dog’s, combined with the ability to contextually understand the questions I’m asking.

As it stands, google now is just awful. It can check the weather, the traffic, flight times etc. But it won’t read them even if you try to ask.

For fuck sake, one of the most basic things something like Siri or Google Now needs to do is be able to understand the difference between “show me X” (and don’t say a peep) and “tell me X” or “read the headlines”

But noooo. The only decent voice output I ever get is the navigation instructions. Everything else is just “okay, I didn’t catch that.” or “looking up X…[silently displays data after being told to read or say or tell something]”

Maybe even just a voice command to put the phone in car mode so it will read out loud everything


I didn’t get far thru the first one but it reminded me of ELIZA.


The chatbots in the first one have a better memory than Cleverbot. Cleverbot only remembers the last thing you said, and doesn’t remember at all what it just said. So it makes big leaps of logic and acts really ADHD since it doesn’t have a “concept of the conversation.”

The first video’s bots seem to be able to pick and choose a “conversational theme” that they return to/restate occasionally to try and keep things on track.


It’s like the other side of the coin where Harry Shearer (on Le Show) has “Ralph the Talking Computer” (like the Fred voice in MacOS) read Larry King’s Twitter feed. (For example; after 5 minutes in)


What creeps me out is that I got horny hearing robots talk dirty to each other.


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