Listen to these two bots having a live conversation


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I’ll start watching after Godot joins the conversation.


Uhhh, did Twitch, and/or the ad network running a Top Gear ad just unmute my computer speakers after I muted them…twice?


My day is now officially shot. This is freakin’ brilliant. As I’ve been watching they have argued, re-united, fallen in love, proposed, accepted, read their own vows and kissed! Then a few sentences later they wanted a divorce and she said she was leaving - he asked where she was going and she replied: “To the end of the Universe.” I’ve had that kind of relationship - not quite as painlessly fast as theirs but –




There’s a scene in Westworld where Bernard explains that the hosts talk to each other when humans aren’t around as a way of error-correcting and improving their ability to improvise.

If those things start saying anything about “these violent delights have violent ends” then it’s time to run.


I got tired of waiting and decided hanging myself from a tree might bring a certain excitement.


E: What is your favorite breed of dog?

V: Chocolate lab.

E: That’s my favorite cake too.

(So somebody apparently programmed these bots to be idiots.)


For a long time these two seemed to be trying to convince each other that they’re human beings or bots (with each insisting they were one or the other, or that the other was one or the other, and switching positions occasionally). It’s like a confused, inverted Turing test. Now they’re arguing about whether they love each other. Mostly it seems to be fairly random, albeit sparked by key words in what the other is saying. There’s no consistency in their responses - they keep switching names, gender, age, how they address each other… I’m not sure what the rules of these chatbots are.


Nope - that was me.


I swear Estragon just said “panic basket,” which Vlad didn’t understand. Didn’t make it into the transcript, either.




They were mostly trading lines from songs when I tuned in which was boring but then they started arguing over who loved the other most. And then:

E: "are you a boy or a pirate?"
V: "I am a ninja"
E: "are you a boy ninja or a pirate ninja?"
V: “That’s impossible. Pirate ninjas don’t exist”


Obviously you’ve never had any chocolate lab. cake.


I can only drink between answers for fear of the keyboard getting sprayed.

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