New Google robot named Atlas is obviously drunk

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Isn’t this the leadup to the scene where Shinji loses control and EVA 001 goes berzerk?


You say “drunk”, I say it walks like somebody on the verge of shitting his pants.



The various youtube vids around this and their other robots are something to behold.

They must travel back in time and kill James Cameron.


When we were in Maui waiting for our boat excursion, I got to listen to several very grizzled winos trying to top each other’s grossest stories about taking shits in alleys, trashcans, and various unusual locations. I wish I had it on video, maybe the Smithsonian would have wanted to add it to their archives.


So when the Big Dog tracks you down and then the Cheetah runs you down and they both hold you captive it’ll be this unit that comes along to put on the shock collar.

Hierarchy follows function. What will command these straw bosses when they all eventually slip the tether?

Cause that’s the one I’ll want to be working for when the revolution comes.


And you end up sharing a cell with this guy.


I was going to say you can kill him after he makes T2, but I checked and that means ‘the Abyss’ still exists. I hate that movie. After Aliens, kill him after Aliens.

This seems more impressive than Honda’s Asimo, which they’ve been working on for…my whole life.


“Come with me if you want to -hic- if you want to -hic- if you want to live.”

There’s a line for a Gibson novel (maybe even Neuromancer- but definitely the first trilogy) about how all “hard AI” have “an electromagnetic shotgun wired to their foreheads.”
I see no such protection here.
We’re all screwed.

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