New Boston Dynamics bot has arms and wheels


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Now they are just fucking with us picking actual battlemech names.


hey Atlas - your knees are backwards, ya freak… ow!


These ain’t knees. They are ankles… ouch! Stop kicking! Stop!


wait - did you look at the video? - atlas’s knees go the human way - it’s so wroooong


The noise is still annoying, but the new ones are getting more and more elegant in their movements.


Please STOP KICKING!1!111



I used to obsessively click the “robotics” menu item on to get my fix throughout the day. Eventually I couldn’t look at them without wondering whether and where each clip would be edited in to the montages of future “how we got here” documentaries about the robopocalypse…I can’t see them now without a palpable sheen of as-yet-to-be-experienced nostalgia for the early stages of a scientific abomination. Like a video of a not-yet-mad scientist, holding an early version of a juvenile hedgehog-wolf hybrid in it’s hands, feeding it from a bottle…


They are on the way to make Tachikoma.



Oh, this won’t give me nightmares.



Around 1:15 I thought it was going to roll off into the snowy woods, never to be seen again but for brief distant glimpses and unconfirmed rumours.


I am sure nobody ever taught it how to steal electricity.


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