Boston Dynamics shows new quadruped robots, including one with a head


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Banana peel test. :heart_eyes:


Oh, hey, Dave! You’re here too. :smiley:


I liked them better without heads. D:


I, for one, welcome our 1970s pet dinosaur overlords.

Seriously, they should dress that thing up.


Boston Dynamics definitely makes some of the coolest completely useless technology I’ve ever seen.


Maybe I associate white cladding too closely with the turrets in Portal, but purple would be less menacing than white.


Once again the banana peel proves itself to be a comedy classic.


You get all of these control systems in an ant. Plus the co-operative ability to make other ants. It must be a bit depressing. Nature is a tough act to follow. But we seem to be on the road at last.


Some of the efforts to make use of these natural control systems are far more terrifying than anything Boston Dynamics has done.


Soooooo… a $50 million robot that can… walk under a table?

I am underwhelmed.


Yay for giraffe-dog!


Take away:

  • Robot Apocalypse will be stopped with bananas.

  • Robot’s who refuse to give over a soda deserve to fall down.


I could be easily convinced that Boston Dynamics is just making robots that intentionally look like the precursors to really scary robots to prevent all of us from getting lulled into submission by all the cute home assistance robots that are quietly taking over.

Either that, or they are just a video production house making footage to sell to later documentarians covering the robot overtaking of humanity…


If humanity didn’t research things that had no immediately practical use, we probably never would have made it out of caves.

And yet we still get a chorus of “waste of money!!” every single time a research project is made public.


It would have been cooler with a faux-human head.




But has it learned how to swear?


Oh if these are ever commercially available I would so dress mine up as a dinosaur.


The long neck makes me think of a Peirson’s Puppeteer…Just drop one leg and add another neck and head.