Dancing robot dog


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There’s another one i saw recently of this robot traversing a construction site


They should outfit a speaker to all of these that constantly mutter garbled electronic-sounding randomly-generated words that aren’t quite english.


I always thought the thing about Boston Dynamics robots that freaked me out the most was that they never had heads.
Then, they gave it a “head”. Or rather, a grabby arm face thing with an electronic eye inside it’s mouth.
Now I miss the ones without heads.




Um, yeah, I give up.


That’s what the robots are banking on


Robots! What can’t they do?


“Hello, fellow sentient being. I see that you, too, appreciate the art of dance. Come, let us engage in dance together. Is fun.”


Before now, I’d never really considered a Terminator 2000 doing a Fortnite dance over my corpse.


The first bit reminded me of “The Spider” danced by Milena Sidorova


I’m not sure this is an improvement…

In the impending robo-pocalypse, they would previously have been trampling the shattered remnants of humanity under coldly efficient robot feet.

But now, it seems, they will joyously dance on the graves of their creators.


If robots are even doing our twerking for us, no job is safe anymore. I hope Nicki Minaj has a backup plan.



Not sure whether to file this one under Awesome, Creepy, or Happy Robot Apocalypse. :confused:


Compare with this video at 12:20


The uncanny valley of a dancing dog robot that shakes it’s booty at you and while craning it’s monstrous broken giraffe neck around to see if you are watching.

My son, 10, playing Fortnight. He is a sexy panda. He says, “Hey Sally!” and a He-Man character trots over. I’m sure it’s all for the best.


Robodoggo <3


Googly eyes would fix it. Googly eyes fix everything.


Stairs, eh? Well the Doctor Who writers need to get right on this - Boston Dynamics aliens versus the Daleks.