Meet SpotMini, a wee dancing robot from Boston Dynamics


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It will fill the dishwasher - can I trade my children for one?


@frauenfelder beat you to it 2 days ago.

But I like your title better.


1:27 slips on pile of bananas


"I think it’s adorable."
First optimized for cuteness;
we adopt the wee, dancing babies!
Upgraded to a somewhat different optimization!
We’re doomed…


“a wee dancing robot”


For some… very unusual values of adorable. Could they have made it even more “adorable” by using an actual cat skull?


This is what Terminators should have looked like. Not philandering Austrian bodybuilders with delusions of grandeur.


It may look slow and inefficient washing dishes, but wait till you see it kill!


My contribution to that other thread:


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