The Boston Dynamics bipedal robot can run now


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Edeka's holiday robot video

Hmmm but how fast?


This sends a cold shiver of fear down my spine.


The Boston Dynamics bipedal robot can run now

Ok, now that’s a problem. I can’t run faster than it, that’s a real problem.


Just gotta run faster than all your ‘friends’


Roger That!


Shit! He jumped over a log too! Yikes…


And the popup ad right below the article starts “The next cyberattack is coming…”


Peace in our time.


Maybe not as fast as me but I bet he can keep running for longer.


I’ve recovered footage of Boston Dynamics’ 2035 model; seen here conducting peace operations.


Wow, they sure have come a long way with these in a very short amount of time.
I wounder if they have created a DARPA initiative yet.


This remains the best (and in this context, also most relevant) Inspirbot image I’ve generated yet:


It’s a little slow jumping over that log. It needs to work on its Parkour a bit.



Yeah, but it has terrible posture.

Your shoe’s untied.


I doesn’t matter. It won’t get tired. We’re f***ed.


Interesting technique on the jump. The followthrough with the arms is before the jump, the knees lowered to almost touch the ground. I wonder if it would topple over if it did it differently.


Why are humans manifesting our own obsolesence?


People will die, so people have children. Humanity will die, so why can’t we have a say in what comes after?