Boston Dynamics introduces "nightmare-inducing" robot


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Might be the video. The linked one seems to have right thumbnail but wrong video.


Nightmare = induced


The linked one just has the quadroped and the biped before they get to mr mcwheely.


I was half expecting the robot to snatch the remote control from the presenter, disable its safety protocols and massacre the audience a-la RoboCop 2.


I imagine that the guy with the hockey stick in the video will be among the first against the wall…


Give them another year, and hopefully they do this at the State of the Union address. Then I can movie quote the granny from Mars Attacks!.

@crenquis: When this robot reaches sentience, I hope it doesn’t hold a grudge against everyone it sees with a hockey stick. I’m not a Bruins fan, but it would suck to have your NHL team slaughtered by a robot with PTSD.


I know the standard reply to these sorts of posts is a tongue-in-cheek “I, for one, welcome our new robot overlords”, but considering who is currently occupying the White House, I’d wish they’d hurry.


“What the fuck, Kevin? We got Gretzky over here.”


All other things being equal, these people love their job.


These things are fucking scary. I can just see a whole pod of them (or is it a “murder”?) storming an insurgent city, piloted by a team of league of legends champions sitting in Nevada, and the whole thing streaming on twitch. Something like this:

The only shortcoming right now is how to power them… Without serious improvements in battery tech, I doubt they can run for very long. Maybe you have drones that fly in and swap the spent batteries? Ug so scary.

Batteries aren’t a problem some places though; in a warehouse they could be tethered, so say goodbye precious manufacturing jobs. Wait till they put them on a FedEx truck– they plug-in while driving and then hop off the truck to deliver to the door. I think the forecasts about the end of work could be accurate…


PD’s around the US just ordered millions of them.


Work at a warehouse or dock? Not for much longer.

Figure skaters, too.


Who’d even imagine volunteering to be hockey stick guy? Surely they’d’ve seen enough Hollywood product to know it will not end well.


The only way to delay the inevitable Robot Apocalypse is to dilute their gene pool…
Hebocon: The Best Worst Robot Competition - IEEE Spectrum




The Boston Dynamics Massacre.


This is how we will “bring our jobs back” to the USA.


Nightmare-inducing for ‘touch labor’.