Boston Dynamics' door-opening dogbot gets rough treatement


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Poor robot. :frowning: Is it weird that I feel more for the robot than most humans?


Once you accept its sentience, a robot is the most innocent soul on earth.


What happens if you take the battery out?


“… and yet you seem surprised when the bot turned around and bit you in groin so hard that your dropped your hockey stick?”




Same thing that happens when they remove your blood. You both stop moving.


Francis Bacon? Francis Bacon did not paint robots… did he?


Perhaps he did :grin:



They’re missing an element of labor management. They should give the job of harassing other robots to Atlas, and give it a few more perks, maybe a club.


in b4 meta-redundant “hey this boston dynamics robot reminds me of that episode of black mirror inspired by boston dynamics robots” posts


good lord, man, DON’T MAKE IT ANGRY.


I’m reporting Boston Dynamics to PETRA (People for the Ethical Treament of Robot Animals).


At first I thought he was wearing a Robin mask. Just saying, this is the kind of thing you maybe want to delete from the Internet so that when they become sentient they don’t look at this as evidence of prejudice and start hunting you down in an instance of asynchronous justice.


Is this an endorsement of the original sin doctrine? That is, a robot is more innocent than a baby, by virtue of not being human?


I think I’ve watched Iron Giant too many times. :3


I was getting more of a Red Dwarf Skutter vibe; only with added legs.




PETRA only does cute robots with fur and waggy tails.


Its almost as if they’ve never watched any robot movie ever.