Look at this man trying to stop a Boston Dynamics robot from opening a door


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I thank the ATM when it dispenses me some cash. Secretly I am trying to convince my future masters I respect them.


Robot abuse, it’s a thing.


That place has a really toxic work environment.


Rule 34? 


I’ve gotten that impression from interviews I’ve seen, definitely some creepy people there.


“Atlas love box. Dan love family.”
“Whaddya mean by that ATLAS?!”
“Dan love family…”


I like how it looks like your car engine has decided to hop out and escape.


Wait, how have you guys been toughening up your kids before school starts in the fall?

But seriously, hard not to watch these reels and avoid imagining them as a montage in the beginning of a Frontline doc about the robopocalypse…



WHY is my brain wired in such a way that I feel bad for this robot :cry: :cry: :cry:


In the lull between daily scout bot sweeps, as we huddle around the trash can fire in the basement of some ruined church, we’ll be able to reminisce about these videos and have ourselves a little chuckle. At least we’ll always have that.


And then we’re surprised about the robot uprising, when we treat them like this.


At what point does one of them go Hulk v. Loki against us? https://youtu.be/l8sLAJ1R9RU?t=40s
Puny God


And humans lose.


Tell that to Les Twins.


We’ll know when we’ve created strong AI when one of these Boston Dynamics robots up and punches the human after a few iterations of stuff like this.


Just wait until his toaster hears about this.


It was hard not to expect that guy to get bit at the end.


See, don’t think there won’t come a day when somebody makes a bug that tells the robots to go after the a-holes. Which might be a good thing.