Robot opens door


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I’m very glad that there’s no business case for making a few thousand of these.
Also that Elon Musk isn’t doing this stuff.


Can’t Robot knock first? Where was Robot raised, anyway?


Dont teach them how to open doors!



This being a Boston Dynamics robot video, I’m waiting for a human to rush from out of frame and kick a robot to try to knock it off balance?

Or has the one-armed robot already learned jiu-jitsu?


When serving no-knock-warrent, Robot NOT KNOCK!

see above… Give it/them guns is the business case. But of course these will cost more (or be perceived) to cost more than a human so resisting, or fighting back vs a robot enforcement will become it’s own class of crime. (Where I live, if you happen to have a police take-down dog be ordered to attack you, any injuries the dog gets as you try not to have your face and body mauled is used as grounds for more charges, specifically created crimes for people who harm a police dog while being arrested. I suspect specific anti-police-robot-harm laws will happen also.)


Bless their hearts, cold and metallic as they may be.


“…intellects vast and cool and unsympathetic…”

Check two out of three. One to go.


I, for one, hope that our new robotic overlords destroy me last…


Art Brut.


Definitely the movie I thought of too when I saw this on Twitter earlier. They even look like raptors.



Does it have a golden nut sack for an on/off switch?


That’s not what I was expecting.

When you said you wanted one sheathed in latex, I assumed that an… appendage(?) would extend to grab the, uh, knob.

Never mind.



Holding the door open for the other one - such a gentlerobot! Its maker must be very proud.


Once they figure out can-openers, they’ll cut a deal with the cats.


That clip would have been funnier if the second robot had closed the door behind the first one and walked away.


Boston Dynamics might call this progress but my cat never needed a 5th limb to open a door with that type of handle!


Anyone else watched black mirror’s metalhead? Yeah… :grimacing: