Google acquires robotics firm Boston Dynamics




This was always a joke before, but now I, for one, really do welcome our robotic overlords.


Are they going to put cameras on them so that we can have real-time views of places where humans dare not tread?


Welp. At least we know who’s most likely to build skynet now.

Mildly curious on where they’re going with this to be honest. Granted i live rrual enough they probably won’t make me a priority target… except thanks to the pilot program they kinda have my address. So… uh. Step 1. Make sure car that just pulled in has driver.


“tell me if you saw one of these things running after you, you wouldn’t crap your pants and have a heart attack at the same time.”

No shit. Ray Bradbury saw that one coming when he wrote “Farenheit 451”.


Maybe they did this so when people go to moon the Street View vehicle, it’s now capable of kicking them in the arse?


Why would Google do this? What evil plans are they hatching?


Considering the old massive brain and opposable thumbs, no. No, I won’t die of fright if some misguided idiot sends a loud, delicate, and generally very vulnerable machine after me. I’ll grab a stick and take it out, steal whatever looks interesting in the way of parts off it, break anything left that looks expensive, and go get a burger. Maybe a burrito.

“Never anthropomorphize a machine. They hate that…”


“You know, another thing just occurred to me… As far as I know, a Boston Dynamics Robot has never been disconnected.”

“Well, no Boston Dynamics Robot has ever fouled up before.”

“That’s not what I mean… I’m not so sure what he would think about it.”


Okay, so G00gle is officially becoming part of the military-industrial complex.
Hey, military-industrial googleplex!

I’d go back home and make some pasta. Otherwise: same page here.

Instant classic. I will quote this.

Reminds me of Colossus - The Forbin Project when the CIA guy starts adressing the computer as ‘he’, not ‘it’ and the president’s reaction is 'don’t personalize it - the next step is deification"

Of course there will be a driver. Integrated in the dashboard.


Yes. I admit it. I WOULD be crapping my pants and having a heart attack if this thing was chasing me.
I would just hope I’d die before it got me. Gah!


Soooooo, Google’s bought the world’s premiere war-bot manufacturer? @cstross, i totally see where you’re coming from…


A company funded by DARPA for over 20 years is deemed worthy of acquisition. Is this the tax payer funding of high tech industry in action?


Yea, I don’t know if buying a military hardware company counts as ‘do no evil’.


I love Google… and I’m nmot just saying that so they don’t replace me with a lifelike robot doppelganger whose personality is based on crap I post online.


“Welcome to the future of courier delivery, Robomule!”

“I WILL NOT BEND, FOLD, SPINDLE OR MUTILATE… not unless you get in my way, fleshbag…”


Didn’t Coke buy a few nuclear subs back when the Soviet Union imploded?


But coke have always been evil… but wait, did they? Is a joke going over my head?


It feels more and more like we’re living in one of the Terminator timelines :-S


Somewhere on the Mountain View campus: