Atlas, unsupported bipedal humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics


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Yeah, well if he’s “unsupported” then why is he still living in his parents’ basement?


Crippling gymnastic debt.


Put that thing in a brown uniform, give him a self-driving truck and have it deliver all the junk I buy after reading about it here.


There’s often surprise uses of tech once it becomes cheap enough. I wonder if in 20 years these will be wildly popular as stunt doubles?

Heck, make a theme park out of it and… oh, I’ve just Crichton’d myself, didn’t I?


I can imagine giant ones of these that I would love to live in like a mecha recreational vehicle.


Did I sense some robo-pride in that triumphant arm-raise at the end? Today, back-flips. Tomorrow, the world!


I kind of wanted to see it flip off the camera at the end. You know those robots are tired of being underestimated.


Be cool to see Boston Dynamics enter one of these in the Olympics in 5-10 years.
Stuck that landing. Take THAT meatsacks!

You know some bean counter is thinking of putting that thing in a khaki uniform and welding a AR on one arm and a grenade launcher on the other. Give it a fearsome silver skull and Skynet is almost ready to be born.


They locked him down there. His parents are dicks.


Am i the only one who feels sorry for him when he falls over? I’m going to be hopeless during the robot apocalypse…



I want to be excited. But we all know it won’t be long till we find out Atlas has groped a coffee machine.


Now i’m curious :wink:


Don’t worry about it. I found something that’ll take your mind off it, hold on while I find it.


Ah yes, here it is:




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It was a picture of the ______ ___ from _____ & ______.

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Yes but did you see the heat exchange on that coffee machine?


Do we want the Robot revolution? Because this is how we get a robot revolution!