Incredible video of Boston Dynamics' Atlas robot doing parkour


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All I can think of is “smooooth”


Why not just go the extra yard or meter or whtvr and put a chrome skull on the top with glowing eyes and a basso german voice chip. “I am a friend of Sarah Connor’s I heard that she is here. I would like to see her please.” I bet that robot grabs @$$ like nobody’s business! Eventually we’ll be ruled by Trump’s head in a jar bolted onto an industrial version of one of these things.


It was edited out: “Judgement Day! Judgement Day! Judgement Day!”



“COME BACK. I WON’T HURT YOU.” – Last thing you hear.



I’d love to see the out=takes.


If you go to the Atlas link (Boston Dynamics website), they have bunch of outtakes there.



Oh yay, soon the U.S. will have even more efficiently murderous tech at its disposal as it steals other countries’s resources and blows citizens who get in the way into red mist.


Did it fart after the back flip? I could of sworn I heard it fart. :slight_smile:


These will kill us all.






When saw the still frame with the robot over the log, I hoped for birling, not parkour.


Man, given the current state of politics, I welcome our new robot overlords!
( I mean, could they really fuck it up any worse?)


Well, the subtle message behind skynet’s takeover was that humans generally deserved it, so…yeah. I’m with you on this.


That was what I thought of when I saw that thing hopping around: this is clearly, clearly meant for urban combat. The way it shifts it’s balance…this machine is meant for traversing cluttered homes and streets.


You mean the one where some joker slapped a huge floppy rubber schlong on Atlas prior to having it gallumph about?


a rival says they are still using hydraulics which is not top down management