Inhuman Conditions - new social deception game for two players

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The components seem incomplete; I didn’t see an actual weapon.


This is a perfect way to say, break up with a person, get into an epic fight with a loved one, or just annoy the fuck out’a friend.


“Better than monopoly” raves @Papasan


This is a really interesting game concept, but at the risk of being “that guy,” this is basically what I did my dissertation thesis in cognitive philosophy on. The issue for “tests” of non-biological sentience–Turing, etc.–is that they’re not really answering the questions we care about. For example, it’s trivial to think of an example of a “bot” that “fails” a Turing test. Perhaps it repeats the same answer-text, or can’t fully parse sentences, or uses a repetitive sentence structure in its answers. And it’s not hard to imagine a human failing an inverse test, by being incapable of producing adequately “programmed” responses on demand. But the key insight (not mine alone, of course) in recent scholarshïĂñ(2Ŵ▚DZ3☐Facƌ~«x
fault0x00001B2D rep
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▮ȩɈaØǯ"eaningless for detection purposes in a larger sense. And unfortunately (for us humans, I mean), the unidirectional nature of that exchange means that computers will learn to understand us far more quickly than they can learn to emulate us, and in turn far more quickly than we will be able to engage with machine sentience in any way that they will consider intelligible. Let’s hope when the day comes, they decide to be merciful!


I’ll tell you about my mother!


I’m not sure I can reliably recognize mercy anymore.

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Damn you @frauenfelder! I’m trying to limit my boardgame kickstarting!

When I realised shipping to the UK is cheap rather than the ruinous EU rate I couldn’t help myself. Plus its next month.
think this will fit in nicely with my work lunchbreak group.

How do you say, “do want” in nine characters?

A human should have no trouble with this request.


I believe it. Secret Hitler is a great version of the classic Werewolf game via The Resistance: Avalon.

Any aliens watching us right now will be frightened away, not by Trump and other real-world shenannigans, but by observing us do stuff like this.

“Do humans have a problem with replicants, and this is their training to identify them?”

“No. They made up that problem, then decided it was a fun problem to have.”

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I tend to avoid kickstarters, but I love everything about this.

I want to organize this as a performance art open mic pub game, with cameras carefully pointed at each player’s hidden cards and projected where the audience can see but the players can’t.

The nail in the coffin for me is that it’s from the Secret Hitler folks, which easily has the most beautiful components of any boardgame I own.

Gandalf: “Do want.” / Aragorn: “Do want.”
Legolas: “Do want.” / Gimli: “Do want.”
Boromir: “Do want.”
Frodo: “Do want.” / Samwise: “Do want.”
Merry: “Do want.” / Pippin: “Do want.”

Now then… wanna kill all humans?

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No likes for you!

This looks fantastic. I am backing it and really looking forward to playing.

Investigator: “State your name.”

Test subject: “Hugh. Hugh… Mane.”


I think this guy’s human. he’s free to go.


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