New poll on sex with robots


How disgusting of the Daily Beast to publish a poll that reveals such an obvious anti-robot agenda. How do they think robots will feel when reading 80% of humanity won’t even consider them as sexual partners? This sort of thing can only serve to move up the date of the inevitable robot apocalypse and see us all murdered that much sooner at the hands of sexually frustrated robots. The Daily Beast should be ashamed.


A great example of how you can’t trust the people you’re polling.

The men who wouldn’t hump a sexaroid in total privacy are the ones who don’t masturbate either. Wink wink.

And ladies already do this every time they use a vibrator.


Depending on how one defines “robot”, how many people already are?

Also, oblig.: I, for one, welcome our new robotic sex overlords. Overladies.

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That article was pretty brutal. The headline should have said, “People are willing to have sex with robots, but I know that’s wrong.”


A lot of people don’t think much about this, it’s very probable that access to sex robots would reduce sexual violence, and have related benefits for society.

Of course, some of that would be very controversial. Think about the potential outcry over a child sex robot.

I don’t know about “very probable.” I don’t think the jury is out on whether or not fictional or simulated rape increases or decreases rape in the population - can it serve as an outlet for people who would want to do it for real otherwise? can it serve as a launching point for people to do it for real? I think there are examples of both.

I don’t think rapists are people who can’t get laid, I think there is something else going on there. If a person’s goal is to intimidate and control other people then a sex robot isn’t really going to do. And if a sex robot really was going to do then I might start to worry about the sex robot.


Lets not forget that one day robots are going to take our jobs, so I say &*$# 'em!


For the life of me I can’t remember the title, author, or most of the details (like the protagonists’ names) but when I was much younger I read part of a really trashy science fiction novel.

The plot centered around a space station where the all-male crew has altered the robots to have sex with them. A new guy forces one of the robots to have sex while it’s performing routine station maintenance, which the robots have apparently not been programmed to do. The robot, now malfunctioning from having been knocked around, then kills the crew.

Enter a sexy space detective/lawyer and her alien lover to help riddle out the question: is the robot guilty or is the now-dead crewman?

In summary it sounds pretty complex and interesting, dealing with ethical questions of artificial intelligence and responsibility. As I recall, though, what I read had a lot more emphasis on sexy space detective lawyer and her alien lover getting it on than philosophical wrangling.

Would. Especially if it looks like Björk.

Why stop there? I eagerly await a time when I can have sex with a robot, as a robot (with an uploaded copy of my mind).

The day when flesh is passé can’t come soon enough for me.

there’s also a burgeoning movement called otaku, which denotes the
rising number of men opting for relationships with virtual lady friends
in the absence of real ones.

Otaku, huh? Cutting edge stuff right there.


Those who are willing to have sex with a robot have obviously never met my ex.

Yeah, this article is weirdly preachy and reactionary. Fleshlights. Vibrators. Hell, good ol’ fashioned porn-n-tube socks. Of COURSE people will have sex with artificial beings. And it doesn’t ruin our capacity for closeness or anything like that. The article’s all newfangled gizmo hyperpanic, and she winds up sounding a bit like a prude, really.

Humans as a species are omnisexual. We will fuck robots. Some people will do so in a way that’s maybe a little sad and alienating. Others will do so in a way that’s healthy and contextualized. Life will go on.


I vaguely remember that too. Isn’t it one of the Asimov robot stories where it turns out to be some idiosyncratic result of interaction between the three laws of robotics?

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Don’t get me wrong, I love robots but I’d never want to do the dirty with one. That said - all y’all that said that you would, contact me, and for a price, I could hook you up with whatever gets your freak on.

Hmm. Robot pimp, mom would not be proud.

More for me, buddy, more for me!

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Please don’t pee on the seat - that could kill a robot:

If it can’t consent, technically you’re just masturbating.

I think it’s healthier mentally to not pretend that an object is a person, but if it satisfies your kink and you keep it in the bedroom (or I guess the garage?) then who really cares what you put your willy in / put inside yourself to get off?

Well, access to pornography has been shown to reduce sexual violence. I’m just expecting a similar outcome here, though of course it’s more complicated than that.