When will we get sex robots?


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We have them now, it’s just that the world isn’t ready.


Johnny 5’s career must have had some seriously bad lows after he didn’t get a third movie.


He actually did get a third movie, it just didn’t get wide theatrical release if you know what I mean…


some already have them, they just don’t know it !


You should have been there. I was at a Miami Club and he was in the back. I saw him do a a huge hit off a pile of coke, then reach into a guy’s chest and pulled out his heart. Johnny then bolted it on his chassis with a machine screw and yelled, “Now Johnny 5 REALLY alive!”


They are on Tinder…


The sooner, the better. Competition is good.


Clearly the end game is power fuck armor and/or bio-cybernetic enhancement. Probably first the penises will be enhanced, followed by vaginas to better handle the new hardware. Sex may indeed require giant mechs to copulate in the future.

Holy shit - is that a thing in Japan yet? I mean, it has to be, right? Japan + mechs + weird sex stuff. This has to be a thing already.

If not, Japan, call me. We need to get this into development ASAP.

“Big O” is already taken. Maybe “Super Robot Sex Force 4” for a retro vibe?


More likely, at least in shorter term, the beta males will have an easier-to-get option than the unwinnable dating “game”.


I predict many fewer unhappy marriages and divorces due to libido mismatches. But… what do I know? This is unintended consequences city. It might lead to some real unattainable beauty standards for everyone involved…


dude rule 34… though probably not as an official hentai, that i am aware of anyway.



There is no mythical “we”. When will you, personally, get a sex robot? Some people already have machines which could be considered sex robots. My guess is that there is more overt marketing of them in Asia, where people seem to be generally less afraid of both sex and robots.


Are you sure???


I was thinking more like men and women strapped in and hooked up, pipes running here and there. The mechs fucking sensations would be transferred to them via cables. Super Ultimate Moves at the climax. Pumping and transfer of fluids in the end.

You know I am thinking about this too much. It isn’t even something I am interested in. I just would have thought there would be at least like Gundam or Robotech hentia with just the mechs. I am at work right now so I am not searching.


love it !!


@Mister44 @popobawa4u not for nothing but I bet if y’all had made your sexual stereotypes about blacks or homosexuals instead of Japan/Asia it might have gone over differently


What sexual stereotype have I made? That Japan has weird porn? That isn’t a stereotype, that is a fact. It isn’t even a bad thing, just a thing.

“Asian women are submissive.” or “Japanese are all into tentacle porn.” would be two examples of stereotypes.

But partly because Japan embraces the media of anime and manga and partly because I think so much is repressed in their polite society, their porn is free to explore heights no one else has dared to dream.


Seems to me you just dug yourself deeper but what do I know, I’ve only lived in Japan for 18 years or so