Call for a ban on child sex robots

I read with dawning horror that “this is a thing”.

I’m actually fearful for humanity.

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I don’t see why they don’t simply outlaw naughty thoughts and be done with it.


I couldn’t care less if someone has sex with a ‘robot’ doll shaped like a woman, a man, a child, a Blue Meanie, or a wolf-taur. They’re dolls. And frankly, if having sex with a child-shaped mannequin keeps someone from wanting to have sex with actual children, that’s fine by me.


That’s a big IF.


Absolutely. My point is that whatever shape it takes, it’s a mannequin, and when we get to the point where a country is regulating what sort of dolls or mannequins people are allowed to purchase, and what they’re allowed to do with dolls, as @boundegar says, they may as well control everything we watch or fantasize about. There’s talk in that article about outlawing all forms of ‘sex robots’. I’m not a fan of any laws being passed on the grounds of “because I think it’s weird”.


Theresa May is still Prime Minister. She’d ban anything sexual that isn’t missionary position if she though she could get it through parliament.


A more extreme example: I understand it’s illegal in Canada to possess cartoon pornography, if it depicts minors. They can’t argue the models are being exploited, because there are no models. It is quite literally the case that the artist had forbidden thoughts, and caused the reader to have forbidden thoughts. (I am not sure if this is legislation or one judge’s ruling.)


Wow! That is creepy AF. It’s sick in real life and sick still with robots.

The sex robot industry will never take off if they all need to mature on the shelf for eighteen years.


Sixteen years. It’s in the UK.


It’s not the question of the regulation. It’s the question of the stimulus to have sex with a child-looking doll.

You can’t actually be saying you think that’s ok? If you have kids, would you leave your kids alone for a week with someone who uses child sex dolls?

If someone orders a child-doll for sex, they’re filtering on ‘child’. When do they get bored and say ‘this isn’t a real child’?

I’m not advocating thought-crime. I am advocating the absence from manufacture of child sex dolls. Let them get an adult sex doll.

Well, I don’t have kids, and no, I wouldn’t. Obviously if someone’s buying a child sex doll they’re looking for a way to act on the impulse to have sex with children in a way that’s not harming children.

The linked article is about lawmakers debating the legality and morality of any kind of sex “robot” and a lot of that debate seems to have been spurred by the very thought of child-sized sex dolls. I think when people start creating laws because they personally think something is icky it’s a very slippery slope.

I’m personally creeped/grossed out by the idea of a child sex doll, as well, but when we start legislating mannequins it seems like a perfect example of morality policing gone amok.


Technically most sex robots are probably under 18 years old unless you buy a used model but I don’t think that’s what they mean.

All I can say is ick.


More like in a way that isn’t going to land them in jail.

I think for a community to have an ick response to the idea of a child sex doll is a very healthy reaction. I don’t think it’s the blue rinse brigade - we’ve had the catholic church scandal roll on for years and years, so people are well aware of the awful presence of child abusers in our communities.

They’re not really aware of the impact on the children though.

Legislating mannequins is a great sound bite, but would you have them repeal child pornography laws on the basis of morality policing run amok?

These cases have been mentioned on tech sites over the years. Britain first came to this ruling and everyone cried “Thought Police!”. Canada and the US have the same broad interpretation of law as well, as far as I know, but I’m not sure how they came to it.

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We’re not talking about child pornography. We’re talking about child-sized mannequins with a hole in them.

Gross, yes. Creepy, icky, absolutely. But I am absolutely not in favor of passing laws against inanimate objects that we think are gross.


Detachable genitalia and anal orifices will be installed into every conceivable robotized object for sexual pleasure in the near future. Fine, I’m ok with that it’s a kinky world after all but, we’re talking a representation of a sexualized human child here. It is child porn and it’s morally wrong and sick. There is no other purpose for such a robot other than to satisfy the desires of a pedophile.

Could shaving your robot become a crime? How about creepy masks on full-sized robots?


Since these robots don’t actually exist yet, and are only theoretical, what we’re talking about here is people being upset about the idea of a motorized representation of a child built for sex. We’re basically debating a science fiction story and where we should draw moral lines and pass laws accordingly just in case.

Child pornography involves actual children. Not artificial ones. Let’s be very clear here. If a pedophile wanted a fake kid to share their bed, they could just as well buy a doll from Amazon and modify it. Should all dolls be outlawed as well, just in case they’re used inappropriately?

Another thought: many states outlaw bestiality, because animals can’t consent. Should we pass laws preventing companies from possibly making robot dogs with vaginas? What about dog-sized plush animals?

I am not in favor of any laws that legislate theoretical inanimate objects like this, sorry.


By analogy, one could also say that people buying “normal” sex toys are trying to circumvent finding another adult who is willing to consent to sex with them whenever is convenient. How literally/directly true that is I think depends upon the case. But some professional sex moralists in the southern US have made the case that sex toys are tantamount to infidelity and rape, based upon this same reasoning.

I think that such toys are well-established enough to demonstrate that people who might fantasize about and play with, say - disembodied genitals, do not generally tend to withdraw from human interactions, nor start treating live people who they know as animated sex toys. At least, no more so than they ever have.