Sex doll rental service suspended

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Meanwhile in China, three (ostensibly) different escort agencies have befriended me on WeChat this week. I suspect the sex doll rental service didn’t pay off the right people.


I understand the quality ones may cost thousands of dollars. In that light, a rental service doesn’t seem like such an awful idea, provided there’s some guarantee of quality and hygiene.

I mean, just sayin’.


Dang, that was the saddest thing in awhile…


From the land of Chabuduo and no soap in the restroom? Admittedly, they are really big on condoms here, so that would hopefully help.


Add to that the fact that under the “one child” policy there has been extensive sex selection of children leading to there being noticeably more men than women in China. So there might be higher than otherwise anticipated demand.
OTOH…Ewwww. And one of the amazing things about sex is that somebody else wants to have it with YOU.


…amazing and totally eerie. I’ve never seen or felt anything so human that clearly isn’t.

Ha! I’ve heard that one before!


State your hypothesis in the form of a prediction that can be verified by the results of the experiment:

I’m guessing that, at least once per relationship, your partner will ask you if he or she is being used just for sex. Even if you’re inclined to stop humping their leg for a minute and deny, deny, deny, more often than not, their gut instinct is well founded. If this is a recurring theme in your relationships with people, you might consider investing in a Real Doll, a high-end humanoid love toy that is guaranteed to love you long time or, indeed, any time. A little creepy? Somewhat degrading? Sure, but so is making nice at Thanksgiving with the family of the person you can barely stand to look at anymore.

WAT. This is not a hypothesis.


When you have sex with a rented sex doll, you’re having sex with everyone who ever rented that doll. :cold_sweat:


I sometimes do a second look at those headless mannequins in store windows, like when the shirt is unbuttoned and you can see some boobs.


I’m a lonely guy. :frowning:


Meh. One day, sex robots will destroy humanity just by being too damn good at their jobs.


But what a happy way to go.


The fact that is even a thing just gives me the ewwwwwws

The level of poverty/desperation is involved in, not only using a 2nd hand sex doll, but paying to do so, is not something I want to think about.

Are there male replicant dolly’s? Asking for a friend…


“Not with a bang, but actually yeah, with a bang”


this is restraint of trade.

I don’t understand why, since there are so many horny people everywhere, they don’t more often make some sort of lottery to pair (or more) with other lonely people. Throw a town orgy. There are lots of relatively simple-sounding solutions before “spend thousands of dollars producing/consuming human simulacra”. It’s also rather selfish, because if wallowing in lonliness induces you to get a doll, you are also actively depriving other lonely/horny people of yourself as a sex partner.

Most people seem to prefer a psychology of sex framed as an act of selfishness and exclusiveness for all concerned, rather than as an act of generosity and altruism.

I prefer to handle it not unlike models for food, clothing. shelter, etc - if sex is something that people need (as many seem to assert), then there should be uncontroversial ways to provide it to people without commodification or personal judgements. Try substituting “eat” for “fuck” and you hear how neurotic it can sound:

I can’t eat in a restaurant in front of other people!
The only reason that you want other people to eat is because you are desperate and selfish.
If you cook for hungry strangers, you don’t really care about them.
I can’t eat with my best friend, we don’t have that kind of relationship!
Seeing other people eat in public will scar you, because you aren’t hungry right now.
Seeing other people eat in public will scar you, because you are hungry right now.

So much for your egalitarian ideals!



Some things just aren’t meant to be understood.


Because lonely people are probably lonely because they don’t want to admit that they have standards far higher than their lot in life, regardless if it is fair or not.

I know quite a few slovenly folks that have never exercised, rarely shower, and have absolutely no social skills – and yet, the only women the are interested in are practically supermodels. This is why people are lonely, way too high of standards, while not wanting to change a thing about themselves.