Sex doll rental service suspended


So many people had difficulty with “Be kind, rewind”, or even returning shopping carts to the store, I don’t even want to know how these dolls would have been sustainably and hygenically maintained.


That’s a great attitude! And i’m sure the majority of men would cheer. Now, about the 99.9% of women who don’t share it…


Alvin…dude…you are saying this stuff out loud again. Stop, take a moment, and take that conversation back into your safe place.




There actually is, VICE did a piece on them.



Thanks for the report! I just woke up from a nap and won’t be able to read the whole thing until later this evening. But despite a sexist split which many might assume, I think most men also try for sex-by-attraction rather than sex-by-lottery - they might accept the idea of the latter, but I haven’t seen much societal evidence of them acting upon it. Especially as self-professed men are often the most vocal about disparity of sexual engagement.

The “supermodel” business I think is a direct consequence of treating sex as a scarce market commodity rather than everyday human behavior. What many are really pursuing is somebody else’s aesthetic ideal, marketed to them as a symbol for validation, success, etc which is disempowering to all concerned. That’s much of why showing up the contradictions of market supply/demand as applied to sexuality seems important. The popular psychology of sexual behavior being private and hidden away I think is what allows them to get away with that. Popular criticism is then more likely to be about sexuality or the individual rather than specific values or acts as depicted in the media. Unrealistic portrayals of sexuality in media might be fueled by a market created in the mostly underground/unseen area of sex-specific media.

No doubt there are people with some dysfunction habits, but I am far more interested in a kind of societal psychology of sexual attitudes, which affects many people and contains many apparent contradictions.


I know, right?

Like. . . now what am I going to do this weekend?

So. . . it’s group sex then?

Now I’m really bummed out.


“The circuit”, Logan’s run. A sort of live Tinder in the future.


That’s still a depiction of people provided as service/commodity rather than the mutuality of a lottery/system. And how does visually shopping based upon their physical appearance have any bearing upon their suitability or performance as sexual partners? The Circuit looks to me more like an evolution of commodity sex rather than an alternative to it.



Seemed more like a lottery to me…random partners, but with the option to roll/draw again. Not a commodity, certainly, since it was free. Name is probably a reference to the gay “circuit parties” that started in the 70s.


Rental sex dolls? This looks like a job for RoboPimp!

Sooner or later, there will be “smart” sex dolls with worries about them sending your data back to the company, company leaks, haxored dolls, DRM issues where you don’t really own the doll that you bought…

/makes note never to buy a sex doll from John Deere for so many reasons.



Some things just aren’t made to be shared by more than one person; sex toys, underwear, condoms…


Aren’t condoms usually shared by more than one person? Otherwise, why bother? :wink:


I haven’t seen that, but a few weeks ago I saw Air Doll, which was quite good, and from the doll’s POV. The doll develops agency and autonomy which the initial owner finds disillusioning, but the doll has adventures and meets people.


Something the creators never anticipated when they set this movie in 2017.


Only one person is capable of wearing it at a time, no matter how many people are around, right?