Angel turns out to be inflatable sex doll


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Sex doll mistaken as angel by Indonesian villagers

Divine intervention at its best.


I seriously would not have had the heart to be the one to explain it to them.


Huh, usually I hear it as the other way around.


Man I have never been more disappointed in BB.

Not only do TWO editors find this story news worthy and post it within NINE minutes of each other, but they completely fail by reporting it is a BLOW UP DOLL, when it clearly is one of those silicon dolls, like a Real Doll ( don’t even own a sex doll, and I can see that). Even fishermen would not mistake blow up doll for an angel.

Please update the post to at least correct this crucial fact.


Aren’t those things pretty expensive. Somewhere, someone is looking at that news story and feeling more than one type of loss.

I so want to know the back story.


I bet you there are knock offs being made over seas, which would make them cheaper and more likely to end up in Indonesia.


That makes sense. I recall reading an article a few years ago about entire auto factories just for making knock offs of expensive cars. If they can do that, I don’t this would pose much difficulty.


The Gods Must Be Horny.


Yeah they knock off EVERYTHING.

I have seen people with broken English trying to sell knock off Stormtrooper armor. It was a bit impressive that they made decent looking stuff from scratch (which is what kits were in the 80s and 90s and even into the 2000s), but now we have armor available scanned or cast from original pieces.

And there are places that knock off guns. Here are some vintage samples of knock offs from China in the 30s. It is funny because they are very well made by machinists - but they aren’t gun smiths because stuff light sights don’t work right and screws that are on there but do nothing.


In relation to Rule 34, there’s a pretty much a rule that every semi-successful movie has at least one porn parody, although I don’t know for how far back that extends. Even if it doesn’t extend back far enough, I propose that this would be an ideal title. Well done!


Such a strange world. In the world of glass smoking devices there is the ongoing debate between buying from local glass blowers for a pretty penny or buying knock off from DHGate for a fraction of the cost and where quality can range from great to watch this break after one use.


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Yep, that’s the planet in a nutshell, folks.


The fact that it was a sex doll doesn’t mean it cant be an angle. After all it is holey.




Well sir, as someone who HAS the internet, I can say with near-certainty that if an “Angel Sex Doll” doesn’t exist at this moment, the factory capable of producing one is now ramping up to begin production in the near future.


the story so great, boingboing had to post it twice, to make sure we could all see it. point and laugh at the ignorant savages, kids.


In every dream home, a heartache.


Not really my thing but isn’t the breakage mainly from what KIND of glass the use? Or is how it is blown affect it that much?

As much as I LIKE artistinal skills like, blacksmithing, gas blowing, etc, they aren’t that hard to learn, and with labor being the major cost in making items this way, no one in the US can compete with some guy making stuff over seas and still eat. I am about to pull the trigger on a katana, I think, finding what I think are Paul Chens at whole sale prices.