What's the weirdest thing you can find on AliBaba?


Have you ever looked into the weird s**t you can get on AliBaba.com?

##Maybe you want The biggest 40M moving mechanical dinosaur for shopping mall?

##Do you like gray oyster mushroom spawn?

##Do you want black grass jelly powder?

##Looking for a large-quanitity supplier of Top Quality Grade A++ Frozen Chicken feet?

#Rules and Instructions (such as they are)

  1. Post your weirdest finds, with link, brief description, and other explanatory notes it might need. Such as WHY we need it.
  2. “Weird” could be because of product, title, photo, description, or some ineffable quality.
  3. You might be requested to eff if we cannot discern it.
  4. Please, post the link. Okay? Thanks.
  5. You win by participating!
  6. Of course you don’t get a trophy.

Inspired by trying to find the Axel-F/Crazy-Frog singing, spinning, laser-top shown by @frauenfelder in this post?

Chastity belts were a joke, then a metaphor, then a hoax
Huffing Boing Boing
Dildos dangling from power lines in Portland
Etsy to allow manufactured goods
Amazon and eBay ban confederate merchandise
? :question: :atom: Questions. Questions? QUESTIONS!? :atom: :question:?
Help! I need this dress!
Did you ever want to play questions?
A champagne gun for your epic battles of excess

Your own machine for making Pringles?

A ton of bananas (for looking at?)


Do it yourself cosmetic surgery?
(non rooster derived)





How many gherkins are in that drum?


Haaaaaaa! I saw it before the edit and missed the additional product. Nice combination!


A roller coaster?



Add the giant dinosaur to that roller coaster and you have a deal.


25 tons of horse meat? (they can supply 200 tons a month if needed)


Too soon?



i am only interested in one of these i mean that should be obvious


Interesting price range… I what features affect the markup/markdown.


Frozen mice?




Become World’s Best Dad with this one weird link.







Barack Hussein Obama II
1.Made of Silicone and Fiberglass
3.Individually customerized
4.100% hand-made

Other details are pretty weirdly detailed:

However, I think other world leaders look more realistic

Although, actually, Putin looks more like Daniel Craig.




2,250 Euro for a single reproduced Jubilee edition of Main Kampf.



Barrel O Slime.



That’s not a bad price - and it’s autographed!