20,000 "Curvy Lady" torso shaped screwdrivers for sale

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This lady would make a fine companion to my “Plumb Barbara” leveling tool.


Clearly ergonomic.

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All I can say is…

“Tell me o Chef of the Future, can it core a apple?”

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If the plastic of the handle is decent, the price is pretty good.

The shape could also provide a better grip than the conventional round handles.

Without Robertson bits these are useless to me!

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You can buy them extra. There should be enough storage space in the handle.

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And here’s to you, Mrs. Robertson…


Makes a perfect gift for all 20,000 of your friends!


Nah—if you want a textured, ergonomic grip you should do all your screwing with one of these:


The guy might find a market amongst modified car enthusiasts and Harley riders…


Initially read that as “Plump Barbara.”

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That looks like some painful screwing, if you ask me.


Is there some sort of pun I’m missing or was this simply one of these “visionary” ideas that only the inventor will ever really understand?

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Isn’t it pretty much China’s M.O. to bruteforce the problem-space that is “all configurations of injection molded plastic objects an American might buy”?


Asians themselves are a large market for plastic tchotchkes of all sorts, often even weirder than what’s common in the West.


Stop giving the idiot that commissioned the originals here new ideas, he might make these next!

“More space in the handle…”

That’s just begging to be made into an aphorism of some kind.

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Actually I didn’t Photoshop that one. It’s a real novelty product.


Never thought of it that way- I’ll bet there actually are people tasked with exactly that job,
honestly believing such a line of thought in design as a critical part for cheap injection molded stuff.

They are the same folks responsible for things like the confederate battleflag mosiac covered
elcheapo daisho set of “samu-rye sords” I saw the other day in a junk shop, and everyone sees
at random yardsales, fleamarkets, and “antique” stores that sell americana crap.

Seriously- someone do a post on where all these shitty fantasy cutlery and elcheapo katanas come from.
Go interview the owner of that Bud-K magazine that sells it all. I want to know what people like this
are thinking when they make that random crap. Why?