The complicated psychology and behavioral economics of a beautiful, $700 coffee-dripper

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Unfortunately, since I spent $700 on my Mr Coffee, I can now only afford Nescafe instant coffee granules.


I just can’t even.
Whatever. If you’ve got $700 to lob at an insectoid coffee maker thing, I guess that’s your money to spend.
And if you can fool yourself into thinking it really does taste better, fine. Whatever.
But realize that it’s priming and placebo- don’t try to argue that there’s any rational basis whatsoever to this thing. Or those stupid overpriced pour over kettles. Or whatever other overthought dubiously effective thing they can produce next.
Want to feel good about something?
Spend $5 on the regular perfectly fine coffee dripper. Give the other $695 to a cause that could do something good for the world.
rant over


Placebo effect = smugness?

Gah! Now even my coffee maker is carrying out NLP on me. At least this one isn’t part of the internet of things. I’d hate to know what it could do to me if it became part of a botnet (an insectoid coffee making botnet?)


If your $700, beautiful kitchentop dripper fills your heart with joy

Ah, there’s the flaw in your logic. If you’re wasting $700 on something like this, you don’t have a heart in the first place.


You write this as is nobody ever bought $10,000 speakers before.

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only when presented as “look, here’s my €630 coffee drip!!1!eleven” (bonus points for keeping the price tag)

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Seriously - For drip coffee?
Try this for real espresso - its not $700 and it is really satisfying to use :

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Just say “No” to $700 coffee aparati.


You’re assuming the owner might have visitors, perhaps? I’m not. Smugness can private and internal.


for me smugness is a “social activity” (for want of a better word), but this is certainly not the only definition

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Why not?

Seriously, why not?

If you are the type of person that brags about prices, you are a smug ahole anyway. But why not want a piece of functional art? Do we all need to conform to optimized consumption?

Should I not buy an antique chinese carved statue, and instead buy a knockoff from cost plus? Should I buy Lodge over Griswold? Should I only buy paintings at Ross?


Gee, I can’t figure out why the rest of the world dislikes North Americans.

Sort of what I was thinking too.

Funny how most folks wouldn’t blink (well, not many times anyway) about some $700 piece of decorative “art,” but if the thing actually does something too – makes coffee, tells the time, wipes your ass, whatever – suddenly it’s an obnoxiously smug waste of money.

Isn’t functional beauty even better than beauty that just sits there, doing nothing? (All of which is of course aside from the question of whether or not that coffee-pissing spider is “beautiful.”)


You and @japhroaig get out of my head!
That thing is beautiful! AND it makes coffee! Bonus!


Anti-social activity might be a better word.

I want to buy just so I can use store-name brand coffee in it. 100% Coffee.


Coffee-pissing spider art ftw!

So much better than this kind of spider: