I found the worst K-Cup coffee


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Are you kidding, it’s “Premium”…what it says on the tin.


I found the worst K-Cup coffee

Yes, you did.


It’s actually quite hard to get really bad coffee. I mean, instant coffee isn’t great, but until you’ve had coffee from Percy Ingle (which is a competitor to Greggs, except not as fancy), you don’t know. I tried it exactly once and I felt like I’d been assaulted.


Does that mean that Farmer Brothers does not make a K-Cup?


But did you feel It’s flavorless yet vile, catching in the throat like air from a house inhabited by forty cats..


Pretty sure you can more efficiently plasticize the oceans by just dumping shredded polyester thread into them.


Two girls one K-Cup?


Is it coffee grounds brewed and filtered? Or freeze dried coffee rehydrated?

There are K cups for both styles.


Is that because of, or in spite of, spiking it with weed and grass killer?




The cup itself is clearly stamped three dates: a production year of 1954, prime “aged” year of 1956, and expiration by 1958. There’s yer problem!


So what’s the best? I’m looking for a new light roast. We’ve been drinking Costco’s Kirkland Breakfast Blend because it’s about 25 cents per cup, sometimes cheaper. It does the job and I think it’s pretty good but maybe that’s just because I’m used to it. I’m curious what others have found to be their favorite. We can skip the ‘none’ jokes for those that hate Keurig machines.


okay @beschizza you need a different hobby.


In the future there will also be H-Cups with different flavors of Heroin.


I prefer just to kill dolphins with my bare hands. It’s got more kick to wake me up in the morning and is slightly less damaging to ocean ecosystems.


No, thanks.




You are a warrior. I could not drink this stuff.


I was in a house once that housed 37 cats and that was really pretty horrible, 40 would just be over the top.