Make your Keurig as messy as a French press and as tasty as motel drip coffee with this reusable plastic k-cup

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Nice shot of [ squints at notes] “Weed and Grass killer”


“Messy as a French press”? How are you making coffee - with flippers? I throw a scoop of coffee in the press, pour in the requisite amount of hot water, and wait a few. I pour the brew in my cup and drink it, leaving the press on the counter to cool off. By the time I finish it & come back to the kitchen with my empty mug, the press is cooled; I splash water in it from the tap and then dump it down the sink. I buzz the disposal for a few seconds, put the press away, and go about my day. Hell, if it’s so important you have to take it traveling, where there’s no disposal in the room sink, just slosh it to the toilet & flush. This ain’t rocket science, my dude.


I’m cheap, lazy, and easy to please. I’m 100% happy with my little Mr Coffee. You can get a reusable filter for it, though i don’t bother with the programmable timer on it because lazyness.


If you dump coffee grounds frequently down your dispos-all, your plumber must love you.

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I save my grounds. I let them dry on a tray and then use it to deodorize the fridge/freezer or add to my potted plants.


Mine go into my compost heap. Even teabags and coffee filters break down after a few weeks.


Do you get acidic compost?

All you ever need, and about as mess-free as coffee gets.


Just hyperactive worms.


Say, this just popped into my head apropos of nothing, but does anyone have a link to a GIF where people react to a heroic lone voice by slowly standing up one at a time to start applauding?

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I would consider a compost but i’m in an apartment. I could use my balcony to keep a composting container but i’m largely unfamiliar with the process and also i don’t want to attract pests.

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Maybe this is just a rumour from /r/coffee, but I’ve heard that the k-cups are actually a mix of real coffee and instant coffee, which is why the refillable pods will never be (even) weaker/crappier than the original ones.

I’m not sure what problem this is supposed to solve…

I miss my aeropress.

I dump the wet grounds into one of the many take-out boxes already in my trash.

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I started bringing a small bag of coffee and a few filters along with me when I travel, because hotel room coffee is universally composed of pencil shavings and floor sweepings, and stale to boot. Then they all changed to Keurigs, which I despise. Hotel coffee is still composed of ass, but now I have to bring the filter cone too.

I did my good deed while traveling: we stopped for breakfast at a tiny cafe in Buffalo, WY. Overhearing that the cafe had just run out of coffee filters at the beginning of breakfast, I ran back to our room, grabbed my traveling coffee pack, and handed it over. A cafe without coffee for breakfast is an unspeakable evil.


I don’t often plug products but I’ve been using the EZ-Cup pod and filters for years with good results. The grounds are completely enclosed in the filter so don’t end up in the cup. I bought the pod over five years ago and it’s still working fine. Filters are only a few cents each from Amazon.

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I use an AeroPress; it’s quick, simple and compact. Grounds get ejected into our compost bin as mandated by City of Vancouver. CoV picks up compost weekly to process as biofuel.
Tip: Before unscrewing the AeroPress filter cap, pull the plunger back about 1/4 inch - this sucks the filter (and wet coffee grounds in the tube) tight against the tube, letting the cap separate from the filter without dumping grounds everywhere. Point the tube into your compost or garbage container, push sharply, then rinse the few remaining grounds down the sink.


I’m drinking coffee right now.


When I had housemates they would be up before me and always make a french press. I loved having the hot coffee premade as I woke up. But no matter how much I asked, he would always pour the previous days groudns down the drain. It clogged our pipes twice in a year and half. Which made not only the sink back up, but the dishwasher and the washer overflow. He finally stopped when I made him climb down into the crawlspace with me to snake the piping.
That being said, I still miss the premade coffee.