A champagne gun for your epic battles of excess

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(Hey @beschizza and @pesco, Thread was not created, Comments link on front page goes back to front page.)


Created this thread to say that we could make a $50 champagne gun (and it would be better than the original, no doubt) and make a killing.

(With champagne!)

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A flying chainsaw, for sabering the champagne.


Finally, a way to class up Miami Vice themed drug parties. Needs more bling though, and maybe a matching vape that runs on THC soaked $100 bills…

I wonder if future president Trump has some of these?

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Does anyone ever actually purchase any of the stuff advertised here?

That one was pretty clearly not an ad.

Indeed, but the question it prompted is still valid.


Much of the merchandise I’ve seen in my short time here seems both wildly impractical and needlessly overpriced, so I have to wonder if anyone ever actually buys of any of it.


I think this is actually one of the rare posts featuring a product and a link that isn’t actually an ad. The link goes straight to the root URL with no extra affiliate codes added to it. But given how many posts on BB are unmarked ads, who knows…there are other ways to track links than a custom URL.

I thought that about lots of BB posts in the past, and I was wrong. I hadn’t realized how many of them were affiliate link posts.

Granted, I think you are right in this case. But I know better than to think I can be sure any more on BB.

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That just goes to show how often I click on the links for such ads; ie, almost never.


I think the appeal of champagne guns is such that you’d sell fewer units if it was cheaper.

Think: Vertu phones


You’ve got to be right on some level.

But think about this. There are people who will pay $450 for a champagne gun when they’re spending over $1k on the bottle of Cristal they put in it.

What about the lady with a bottle of Barefoot Bubbly? Does she not get to shoot, just because her bottle only cost $15?

The lady with the sparkling California white wants a gun, too!

I used to purchase stuff that isn’t advertised here… BB t-shirts/notebooks/etc, but it doesn’t look like that stuff is even offered anymore.

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Stuff that isn’t advertised here anymore, you mean?

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It was never really advertised – just a link to the Boing Boing neatoshop on the front page…

…on the subject of stuff advertised here currently, a co-worker (who I didn’t realize read BB) purchased one of the little Lytro cameras a while back.


*lolz @

the Boing Boing neatoshop


I kinda feel the same way about targeted ad sales as some people do about data mining;

If I wanted to buy stuff that I don’t need, I’d be on Amazon.com.

But again, that’s why I generally just skip those posts in the first place.


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Classy people don’t need champagne guns. We have swords!

Don’t poo-poo that ‘TCH-soaked $100 bills’ idea too quickly…

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Sure. I bought a couple of tee shirts a while back. More recently, I bought a license for Scrivener, and a vape pen. Both were less expensive than any other deal I found with some quick Googling. They give us this lovely BBS for free, endless articles to read on the main site, and don’t care if we use adblockers. A few bucks on occasion to support the cause seems reasonable. I doubt that Jason et al are getting rich off us, but if they are, more power to them.

They do seem to go a bit overboard with certain products, and we often joke about it here in the BBS and call them out on it. Mostly all in fun.


I can’t decide if it’s a waste of C-notes or quality food additives. But I guess if Miami’s imitation Eurotrash poison themselves with printer ink, it’s a small price to pay.

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I didn’t mean to imply that it wasn’t; I was just curious.


Those would be the guys that started the site, I presume?

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