is selling off their adult film set props to the public


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Make sure to Lysol the hell out of everything


But do they have any butt-crawling robot worms?


strange stuff indeed…


I think the real lede for this story is massive sex dungeon now available for rent in San Francisco.

(And yes, I know the building didn’t start out as a massive sex dungeon but that’s probably more marketable around here than “former military installation”)


Yes, but they’re spiked.


I wouldn’t want to drink the punch at that party.


How terribly unsanitary.



Looking at the Flickr set, I get the feeling that a lot of the “unsanitary” look and feel was the same as with a lot of movie sets: more paint than grime, more professional set dressing and illusion than some would care to admit.


Certain things should never be bought second-hand.


Oh they’ve got some nice equipment! Um… I mean… according to rumor…


What I was thinking too.


Now my dream of owning a 300 square foot, purple, penis-shaped, gel-filled water bed with integral splooge containment and wrist/ankle tie-downs will finally come true.


No black lights allowed.


i wonder if their cat is for sale


“No drop ins we need to have a name to give to our security team” Ok then, buh-bye. I don’t bother with places that treat me as a potential criminal just for stopping by.


You say tomahto…


Seems the market for this sort of thing is drying up.


not even minute-hand or hour-hand.