Tasteful suburban real estate listing has tasteful sex dungeon


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I don’t want to judge people’s kinks, but I’ll never understand what people see in standard white wall paint.


2001: An S&M Odyssey?


what color would be better as background for blood-stains? Just asking.


Don’t worry, no bears were harmed in the making of this dungeon.


Do you want to make them stand out, or obscure them?


Preacher, season 2: "Please keep bodily fluids away from fur"


The new owners could do a make-over with understated modern touches.


Do you have any idea how slippery a marble floor is covered in lube? And cold! Sooo cold. :snowflake:




Well, Keir Dullea’s next film after 2001 was De Sade


Outside horror movies, I don’t think there’s usually a lot of bloodletting going on in the average sex dungeon.


Skinning bears is a step too far. Even if the bear consents to it, it isn’t safe or sane.


Well if it was my sex dungeon it would look like the dance academy from Susperia.


If it wasn’t an AirBnB listing, I’d’ve wondered if they had a home staging company providing some of the furniture/props.

Anyone know if there are any companies renting out furniture like that?

No, not asking for a friend. Wondering about “unique business opportunities.”

ETA: okay, it WAS an AirBnB listing.


That bunk bed looks uncomfortable, bags I the bottom bunk.


You might want to look again. Isn’t the bottom bunk that cage under the bed?


$750,000 for that giant house? Including at least $10,000 worth of modern sex dungeon furniture? In the Bay Area you can’t even get a condo with an empty sex closet for that much money. :-/


At best you’d get a live-in garage with a sex shed.


Hey - everyone needs a hobby.