Tasteful suburban real estate listing has tasteful sex dungeon


But you can clean it up with a squeegee!

Now, if this is a deluxe dungeon it will have hot and cold running lube piped to dispensers around the room from a service closet that stores the 55 gallon drums of lube.


This seems to miss the whole point of “dungeon”.


If there’s an elderly version of me in it, yes.


I am not falling for that one again


There was a great thread on twitter about how bad the lighting (and other things) is for play.


At least they didn’t do it up in shades of gray.


How strange that with just some furniture the house itself should become notable enough to attract visitors to roam the neighbourhood. Clearly we need a lot more of these so the people can have the sex they want in peace and it doesn’t need to be a novelty.


Looks like the airbnb listing has been removed, as well. It’s really too bad. This seems like a smart niche.

The angry neighbor saying, “we don’t want this,” irritates me. Has no impact on his life, but he needs to assert his control over what happens behind closed doors at his neighbor’s house.


I think that in this kind of dungeon other fluid stains would be more of a problem. Especially ones visible under UV light…




tasteful sex dungeon

Aren’t they a prog band? I’m sure I’ve seen them open for Jethro Tull.


I’d buy it for sure… Play is good, right. Long as you don’t hurt or scare children or animals.


“Mmmm, oooh, ahhh, yes, yes, oh God yes YES, more of that, please, Hal!”

“I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”


Seems like Suburban Sex Dungeon could be a new line of furniture at Pottery Barn…


“This once rustic old door barn has become a fabulous shabby chic new bondage board …”

edit: i see it. an’ i’m a leaving it.


Hmm. A very large Ben Wa ball tricked out with reaction control engines.



All kidding aside (and I’d throw in a joke or two, but y’all are just too awesome), it’s no one’s business but the owner, the people renting through Air BnB, and any purchaser. Fuck the judgemental twat showing up at the realtors place to bitch. Probably should strap him to one of the devices and try out a few of those whips on him (strangely cheap ass whips, by the way, for such nice BDSM furnishings… seriously, those look like the kind of poor quality floggers you buy at your local “Hot Girls in the Back” sex shop down by the corner liquor store).


Well, factoring in the new owner’s cost for having a bio-hazard team wash down, disinfect, and test every single surface that could have seen some of the action (including the ceilings), and not just in the “dungeon”…



Yeah, that WHOLE house is gonna be used. And by used I mean. . . well. . . you know.


Previous owners rubbing up against surfaces like it’s nobody’s business… like cats!