Tasteful suburban real estate listing has tasteful sex dungeon


Someone found an instagram account with photos of what the room looks like when it’s not being photographed by a realtor. Looks a lot less stark, but I wonder what insanity caused them to decide to keep the builder’s plain Jane white walls and ceiling instead of painting it a darker, more intimate colour.

Actually, on further thought, I’m getting the feeling this room was furnished by a vanilla-ish person in order to rent to BDSM clients people who like to think they’re kinky on AirBnB. Which would explain the white paint and also oddities like a poor selection of cheap floggers combined with such extremely expensive S&M furniture, and various bondage racks just leaning against the drywall instead of mounted to the wall studs with heavy bolts.

ETA: if they actually rented to any real BDSM people, they would quickly be schooled in how to properly furnish the dungeon, so more like renting to vanilla people who want to pretend they are into BDSM.

(instagram found via the thread linked to by @Enteemcr).




some bears are so hairy skinning makes sense when compared to shaving.


Are you thinking of Miranda Sex Garden? I have a few of their albums…I wouldn’t call them prog rock:


$250 should cover some good cleaning though.


…or a nickel plated effectous



Well, if you are willing to settle for average…


not exactly average, but i did read de Sade and Apollinaire …


I know I’m getting old, but I have to think there is NO way that they have proper insurance to be running that as an Air BnB.


I wonder, do any of the other AirBNBs need insurance for guests having sex?

It’s ultimately just bed rental. (It’s literally in the name.) Guests are highly likely to be sexing it up in even the most vanilla rental.


I’m just saying, if someone has an accident on the St. Andrew’s Cross, there’s totally going to be a lawsuit.


They’re probably as covered (or in the wild west of internet economy “disruption”, uncovered), as when a stair breaks, or a bookshelf falls on someone. Those would be lawsuits too (and probably more common than potentially embarrassing claims).

Ultimately, there’s more insurance risk from someone mis-using an unfamiliar bagel toaster and lighting the place up.


But did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express while doing so?


First, the outside of the house looks like the one Macaulay “Kevin McCallister” Culin lived in, a quiet suburban neighborhood, where anything could happen behind clised doors.

Second most people try to keep this stuff hidden. At garage sales, I’ve rarely seen porn of some kind. Once I bought a VHS cooy of “Emmanuelle” at a garage sale, the seller with white hsir keaving me windering if it was left from her younger days, or maybe it was her husband’s and she was glad to get rid of “that horrible thing”. It was s commercial copy, but badly chopped, just as it got to the good parts, it would jumped to the next scene. Another time, two women had a lot of sex DVDs, but a closer look suggested they were educational, though I realize there can be a fine line there.

I suspect people are generally unwilling to be connected with such things, embarrassment or fear of attracting unwanted attention.

So maybe this guy is hardcore, and thus willing to flaunt it, or maybe it is staged, as someone said, for the rental purposes.


That thread was both fascinating and educational. Thanks for sharing.


A chopped up version of Emmanuelle is definitely a “horrible thing”. That’s like taking ET and cutting out all of the aliens.


If they were, it was consensually and with proper precautions like safe words and after-care.


In the Home Alone reboot the term “Wet Bandits” had another meaning entirely, and Kevin’s booby traps involved a lot more electrified nipple clamps.


Great now every stager will put a few eyelets in the ceiling and dangle some Chains.

But what impressed me was the refined audience here that can evaluate flogger quality with agreement.