This house for sale in Pittsburgh is filled with whimsical themed rooms

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I liked how the MAD Magazine cover on the bed has been photo-shopped. [NSFW] Original cover.


That place looks like the set for a Wes Anderson film!


My reaction was, “Sandbox bedroom means NO CATS.”


I’d buy that just to have a bunch of fun backdrops for my zoom calls.

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Needs a Giger room.


The gas mask-tinfoil-mannequin is a nice touch.


Pleasantly surprised to see that none of the themes include the Steelers, which is practically a requirement around here. Inexplicably.


Think of all the roll playing games that must have been played in this house. It has a lo-if larping vibe.

I didn’t read that verbiage about the house, but I bet it lists, “has potential”, “fixer-upper” or “project house”, and it must have, “quirky” or “unique” in the listing. It is no Madonna Inn- the gold standard for kitschy themed rooms.

Saving throw vs. my taste- failed. But I bet that the person that did those rooms did so with love for the people that would use them.

Image captured from real-estate listing

This wall covering has come up again and again in my life. I have memory of it as a kid on some office wall. Again at university it was on a wall in a room, class room I think. I think it was on a wall in a restaurant in Camden and it was on a bar wall in Cambodia where the owner tried to explain that the photo was taken on that beach- despite the palm trees being different. I have seen it at least one waiting room and I think a local travel agency had it as a wall covering- back when my town had lots of travel agencies. I find the image anxiety inducing.


I bet the owner is a really neat guy. His grand-daughter was posting on a twitter thread. He is a retired engineer and a Navy vet.


All I could think is, “Everything in that house is definitely filthy”. When rooms are difficult to clean, they don’t get cleaned very well. That’s a fairly universal truth in this life.

I have always wanted a copy of that throne chair and to visit a Giger Bar.

For anyone in Pittsburgh or near Pittsburgh (@beschizza for sure), for something very Boing Boing worthy as a wonderful place (actually there are tons of weird places like this)- my #1 recommendation has gotta be The Bayernhof Museum.

Its a castle-like home hidden on the cliffs of Pittsburgh above rt. 28- and it’s a real honest Scooby Doo house.
Secret walls, secret everything, and lots of rare automatic music machines everywhere.

Kind of a hidden gem of Pittsburgh few know of. The tour’s cheap (like 10$ donation), and it’s probably the coolest house I’ve ever toured.

You would never believe what you find in that place…


… it’s for pron.

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It could mean lots of cats. Or a few. Or maybe just one. Or none.

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I expect that room is actually home to a Sarlacc


I liked the plants in the bathroom. But the very best thing was the lava lamps in the “spaceship” room. Exactly what you need for that Sci-Fi vibe.

The Dining Rm Command Center Rear Wall opens up to the Spaceship Main Bridge-Working Computer & Controls from an Apache Helicopter, Speakers & a 55 Inch Screen (TV works).

I want to believe this means working controls.


Purchase this property, and in its belly you will find a new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a thousand years. On the up side, it is close to public transportation.


Animal Crossing IRL

My first thought was it’s not to my taste*, but is very clearly the work of a Happy Mutant.

*spaceship room excluded. That is awesome.