This house for sale in Pittsburgh is filled with whimsical themed rooms

I came here to say this

USD 159,000 ~= GBP 130,000. Is that typical for a three-bedroom house in Pittsburgh?

The average house price in Pittsburgh is about $180k. There’s a lot of run-down stock half that price and this house is headed in that direction, but you can get a decent enough house for that. It’s also in the middle of nowhere, a remote suburb 40 minutes from downtown.

If you’re amazed at the prices, check out Syracuse NY!


Why not make your own?
Not a weekend project, sure.
But some sort of steel or aluminium wire frame mounted on the base of an office chair, plus 3D-printed vertebrae and whatnots attached to it as a prototype? Then at a later stage, milling the printed elements out of aluminium blocks?

From this perspective, this reminded me of the Nostromo. Without the fully claustrophobic feeling, that is. But then, the rest of the house gave me that feeling.

“Whimsical” doesn’t really fit my perception. But hey, YMMV. :woman_shrugging:

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