Real-estate advertisement for a $100m house "Makes Me Want To Be A Socialist"


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Bong and a blintz?


Wow. I take it they’re assuming the set of potential buyers includes zero women, since any woman seeing this might be so turned off as to never consider buying the property?


Clearly the owner was queen of the gold orgy scene…oh wait, I forgot. all advertising is lies…


FYI you store champagne upright.


Are they actively mining the “Bond villain stereotypes” demographic for customers at this point? Because it sure looks that way.


“I don’t need any more money. I’m not greedy. As long as I’ve got my health and my millions of dollars and my gold house and my rocket car, I don’t need anything else.” – Chester J. Lampwick


Is that Blake Lively? Are those her gold robots?


Well, they could be intending to sell it to a lesbian billionaire with aspirations to become a Bond villain… Nah. You’re right, this is definitely a house for douchebag dudes with a profound need to compensate for something. Sadly, I am sure they will have no trouble selling it for above list price.


Like a bad very tasteless teen porno.


Generally true, unless you store your champagne for longer periods in which case you want to prevent the cork from drying out (like with normal wines). This should only be done with quality champagnes however, not the overrated and overpriced kind of swill that the target audience of this ad tends to buy.


“Gentlemen, you have my attention. Can we get a trap door installed in the conference room?”


In my mind, I’m casting Portia di Rossi as a Bond villain… and even her character wouldn’t go for something like this.


When did conspicuous consumption stop being offensive? Oh riiight, right right right, the 80’s when Trump came to prominence.


Nah, Bond villains are too classy for this shit. This place seems to be directly marketed at Martin Shkreli.


The video was created by the Society Group—a luxury public relations firm whose “mission is to spark authentic conversations in society by intersecting the worlds of art + architecture + lifestyle”

Well, if they want to listen to me, I can give them my half of the authentic conversation. It includes about 3 swear words per every 4 and ends up wishing all of them burn in the lowest pit of hell, but it is authentic


As someone who is a long-time socialist already, I’m disappointed to report that absolutely nothing about this surprises me.


Are the women included in those $100 million? Like the "furniture"in Soylent Green.


I think these are largely bottles of Crystal in the film which to be fair is a vintage and could be stored.

But generally isn’t, it’s pre-aged on release and most champagne isn’t really for laying down.

If one were laying down wine I don’t think champagne is generally a value proposition. I’ve had fairly expensive vintages and fairly expensive red wines seem to me to offer more of a premium experience.


“We love the house, but can we get the architectural bimbos in silver ?”

I came for the outraged virtue-signalling and stayed for the champagne storage advice.