The most vomitous $10 million mansions on Zillow


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You know the room you have in your house that isn’t architecturally appealing and has YOUR stuff that you think is cool in it?

Is it shocking to learn that people with the money to do so will make entire houses that THEY think are cool?


Branding makes it more valuable.


Million dollar home in Silicon Valley.


$100 home in Des Moines.



I have no idea what you are talking about.


I… kinda like the zebra library. And Eddie murphy’s mutant space piano.


Checked the original article and there’s a criminal lack of examples. There’s like 3-4 pictures? And the only truly awful looking one is the one that shows the purple bedrooms in what used to be Eddie Murphy’s mansion.


are you a parent? I don’t have any room in my house with my stuff in it anymore either.


The space piano looked pretty neat tbh


I believe it’s generally referred to as a “basement.”


It’s a mixed bag. Some are tasteful and subdued despite their grotesque sizes, others are exactly what I expected: houses a 12-year-old boy would buy if he suddenly found himself with tens of millions of dollars.


So, what would you buy/build (assuming you don’t care about resale value or annoying the neighbours)?


Is there any doubt???


Pretty sure the GP was trying to say that your sense of taste and their sense of taste are not identical. People doing stuff that makes them happy and doesn’t harm anyone else is fine, even if you don’t personally like it.

There was an earlier BB article where the author was aghast and dismayed because the houses had too many roof lines or window styles for their taste. I looked at them and had felt only “meh, I guess they like it.” Given how breathless the author was about the design disasters I was expecting a neon green/hot pink plaid paintjob or something, not some fake dormer windows.


Something that reflected a grown-up’s sensibilities and tastes as opposed to a child’s or adolescent’s. Although, yes, some of the private interior areas would likely resemble Bongo’s Dream House.


That pool is very shallow.
Dangerously shallow when using the diving board.


I get that. My response was intended to say that all my rooms are architecturally appealing and all my stuff is cool.

It was a joke. Of sorts.


Still no thanks. I don’t need any meth.