Nasty rug cleaned in satisfying video

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I’m not sure if that was an oriental rug; I had always understood that they needed a bit more care and caution in cleaning. They seem to be scrubbing it pretty enthusiastically. Still, if it has been walked on for years and had dirt ground in, probably a thorough scrubbing won’t hurt it any worse.


Sooooo satisfying. I’m only part way through but already must share:

  1. This film is more compelling than the last 2 Dexter episodes I watched before giving up on that series.
  2. Makes me think of how our economic cycle encourages buying and throwing away cheap shit instead of preserving and passing on high quality stuff. If we had to pay for the disposal/pollution, maybe we’d be more likely to patch, clean and repair what we already have?
  3. Think of this anytime you are tempted to permanently affixed carpet in any living or workspace you have control over. Don’t do it! (Brought to you by the people who care about your indoor air quality.)

It visibly shrinks! Far too much water…

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I watched it at 2x speed over on YouTube. Very satisfying.

I remember randomly watching restaurant carpet cleaning videos for hours once. Also satisfying, but eww gross what kind of gunk those carpets endure:


Why use six words when two (“Congressional Republicans”) will do?


at the end they put it in one of those locker room swimsuit spin-dry things, except much bigger

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I liked the part where they cleaned the carpet.


What about taking it outside and hanging it on something and then pressure washing it at the lowest setting? That seems like it would be a little more gentle than what we saw here.

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The most jarring thing to me is how the fringe went from deep brown to almost white.



This is very much my approach to housework. I don’t understand why you’d clean something once a month to almost no visible effect, when you could clean it every couple of years and be blown away by the results.


I wish they were right.

I don’t think it does. At the beginning, it’s about 6 1/4 x 9 1/4 tiles, and at the end it’s roughly the same.


“Grandpa, what happened to the world’s fresh water supply?”
“Well, skipper, occasionally wool rugs must be cleaned.”

Also, “Glistening Rink of Filth” sounds b-side from the Distortionists.


Ummm, so you are living in a clean setting? I’m the opposite of you, I like to maintain a level of cleanliness so that I basically never have to do a deep clean (except every couple years to get behind the fridge or some such). But this all goes to shit when one lives with other humans.

Here’s how the pros clean rugs in my town…

I personally use dynamite and flamethrowers as my rugs get pretty grungy. :stuck_out_tongue:

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