"Liquid gold" professionally removed from urine-soaked rug in "satisfying" video

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I’m not sure there ever been a more accurate/appropriate description than the “Just buy a new one” tag applied to this post.


Right!?! I mean, unless this is a hand-hooked wool rug, how can it possibly be worth it? And f you have such nice rugs, why are you letting your animals piss all over them? :face_vomiting:

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Brings a whole new meaning to "being called to the carpet".

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Yeah, but if the rug really tied the room together, you’d be reluctant to throw it out.


Queue the Dude!


“At least I’m housebroken”


You know what’s satisfying? This juxtaposition:

satifying juxtapostion


Owners who want novelty dogs, but fail to care for them properly. I hate pet owners like this.

I had a roommate like this for a short time. Never would get up to walk her dog in the morning, when the poor guy was obviously straining to hold it in. I wound up being the dog’s unofficial walker, and best friend until she moved out.


When my mom moved to a small cottage, I ended up with a lot of her nice hand-knotted wool rugs. She had always had cats, sometimes three or four a a time. I tried to clean one of the smaller rugs, and clearly my improvised cleaning implements and methods were not up to the task. I ended up sending them to a place like this, and while the cleaning bill was pretty high, the results were worth it.

All that equipment and no gloves. Fekkin gross.

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