Carpet is disgusting


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You think that’s bad Rob, when we moved into our current house the bathroom in the master bedroom had carpet! Where people pee while half awake!

I lost the argument for no carpet when we renovated, though I did manage to keep it out of everything but the bedrooms.


The suburban British middle class does this. They would carpet their shower cubicles if they could. I remember explaining to one of them (my dad) that you can have tile upstairs if you want to and he was just shocked, like the house would fall in on itself or something from the overwhelming weight of tile.


Especially dank carpet…


Hardwood and resilient floor products - everywhere. Throw Rugs where you want to soften things.

Living spaces & bedrooms - wood floors, natural linoleum if woods too much (comes in nice woody colors)

Kitchen - linoleum again or some kind of vinyl - tile is unforgiving, 100% loss if you drop a dish.

Bathroom - tile, linoleum if you can’t swing tile.

Throw rugs can be sent out for thorough cleaning periodically. Replaced when ugly out. Ikea has great cheap rugs - you don’t have to spend on fancy exotic rugs.


I hate carpets. We have all hard wood floors through the main floor. There are some area rugs. Which are easily cleaned and replaced after a short time.

The finished basement however does have wall to wall. In New England you sort of have to only because of how cold it can be.


Twenty years ago we had the carpet in our Phoenix home replaced with (rather inexpensive, actually) ceramic tile [1] in every room. Area rugs as needed next to the beds for cold mornings, but generally in Phoenix having a cold floor was great most of the year. And cleaning – oh, my, what an improvement.

A few years ago we sold the Phoenix place and moved to a 130-year-old home in New Mexico. The absolutely first thing was to rip out the 1992 carpet. You really don’t even want to know what sifted out of that. Now it’s oak, as the original floor was. In a couple of rooms the original was still there, looking its age but much better than I will be at 130. In other places the original had been removed entirely (no telling when or why by now) so it’s all hand-installed oak.

[1] Visible in the background of the avatar


At our last house we had cork flooring in the basement (with DRIcore under it to prevent moisture getting to the cork) and it was nice and warm. We live in Saskatchewan, Canada, which gets very cold, and it wasn’t an issue.


So if carpet is a mattress of filth… what is a bed mattress?




came here to see a dank reference… am not disappointed.


This got a dog juice tag? WTF is that about? Wait, I don’t want to know, that’s your own thing.

That gray water is (probably) mostly regular dust. As long as you keep steam cleaning, you’ll pull more and more out. Doesn’t take much to gray up the exhaust water.

Everything is disgusting depending on how you look at it. Especially so if you look at it through a microscope.

We have eucalyptus hardwood throughout, except for the bedrooms, along with strategically placed throw rugs, which do get disgusting.


Carpet: Mattress of Filth.

Putting that line in a song.


And skin flakes. Don’t forget the skin flakes.


and mite husks. and mold spores. And if you have pets…


if you think the carpet is bad wait till you find out the sh1t that’s in the pillow


@beschizza I think this is a sign that you might have hygiene problems. My rinsewater looks like this:


And if you have pets and small children… poo crumbles!

To phrase this another way: a pessimist sees slimy bumwater, but the optimist sees lucrative liquid amino futures.


Heck, that’s the name of the album!


Bah! Just take your shoes off at the entrance and wear indoor slippers around the house, Japanese-style, and you won’t have this problem. We steam-clean the carpets every 3-6 months and the water is translucent gray. Nothing you’d want to drink, but not disgusting.