Greasy diner carpet cleaned satisfyingly

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“Nancy boys”? Really? Asshole.


“Nancy boys”

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That put me off my oatmeal.


high desert, you say? i wonder where this place is. and yeah, you could tell that he was self-editing when he chose to use “nancy boys” instead, which says a lot.

I must be some kind of sicko; I really wanted to see the wastewater tank those hoses were dumping into.


And yet, boingboing is now sending him untold thousands of video views.


Um, I don’t want to gross out anybody, but I think this might be the same place as last time. Though the previous video was posted to YouTube in January 2019 and this latest BoingBoing find was on YouTube in June 2018, which makes this one the previous time, I guess.



At 4:12 - “Imagine what the water is going to look like coming out of that tank.”

I don’t have to just imagine it, because YOU HAVE A VIDEO CAMERA IN YOUR FRICKIN’ HAND!!!


Bad filmmaker or just a pitchman?

(“Why would you cut the pineapple?”)

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Let’s just say that those waters were as black and greasy as our own sordid desires. Which ISN’T FULFILLING ME AT ALL!!!

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I hate carpet - yech


Why are these showing up on youtube all of a sudden? This one showed up in my “recommended for you” last night. And for those like the waste water, stay till close to the end.

I bet it would be a spectacular fire if that place happened to burn.

We have carpet in the library primarily for its noise-deadening values; if it weren’t for that, I’d want tile or at least linoleum, because of all the people who come in with cruft on their shoes, food and drinks (despite the signs that ask you to enjoy your edibles outside) and general griminess. We had the carpet cleaned about 2 years ago, and even the professionals weren’t able to pull out all the stains of WTF origin completely; many reappeared after a couple of months. You’d think a library wouldn’t have many stain producing incidents, but you’d be wrong :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Man, I would love to use this on the carpet in my house but I’m afraid it would remove the carpet.


Yeah, I ripped out all the wall to wall carpet here. Carpet was gross, pad was gross, the cement floor was gross too.

Kept wondering why they don’t rip out the carpet tile, clean the cement or concrete subfloor (I watched but can’t remember which it was in the video), then lay in new carpet tile if they need it for deadening echo and noise. I mean, that is what carpet tile is actually for: modular replacement where and when warranted.

The macho attitude of the presenter is at odds with the safety data sheet info:

so to me, no matter his bravado / assholery, there is or will be a cumulative effect to exposure esp. since I could not really see the crew with protective gear (gloves, goggles, masks, etc. all recommended in the MSDS at the link).

Cups out in the open along with sugar shakers, etc. all uncovered; plastic-wrapped food on racks, still pretty close to the action; yeeeesh :nauseated_face:.

The steam from those cleaning heads puts both the dirt and the chemicals in the air, the sprayer to pretreat has some airborne droplets / overspray, no idea if the HVAC is recirculating what’s in the air so it’s now all over the insides of the building.

The answer to your problem is cork flooring. Sound absorbing, cleanable and fairly sustainable. Also nice to walk on.

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