Tasteful suburban real estate listing has tasteful sex dungeon


Penn Jillette explains the evolution of his sex dungeon:

Just off the master bedroom, “it used to be a dungeon, then a nursery, and now it’s a closet,” Penn says. “It’s my life story.” -LasVegasWeekly


Penn had a sex dungeon? No wonder Teller never talks. The things he’s seen…


Inevitable, surely. Give it a few years and that whole setup is just going to be used for hanging laundry.

It did cross my mind that it doesn’t look half-bad for some obstacle-course training. I thought at first that maybe the wood surfaces would be too rough, but it looks like there’s a good finish on there.


Dave Bowman spent the rest of his life in that room. I bet it got pretty boring after the first few days.


Pretty relatable, actually. (But it doesn’t really make up for keeping the white paint.)


Technically, white is a shade of gray, so…


not as “dungeon”-y as I had hoped. I’m a bit disappointed. Especially with Valentine’s day around the corner.


(This also explains why the furniture is so good but the accessories are so pedestrian.)

So…it turns out it was on AirBnB and that is pretty much what they did… They staged the “sex dungeon” so they could get people to rent their otherwise boring suburban house in a boring suburban neighborhood.

(as linked by @tuhu)

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